What does "eating clean" mean exactly?

I always see people talking about "eating clean" and I wonder what exactly they mean.

Can you give me examples of eating clean?

Is the purpose of eating clean to lose weight? Or is a lifestyle? Or is it only before athletic events, cause I've heard it mostly among female body builders and athletes...


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  • This pretty much means eating non-processed food. So no soda, no "pseudo-juice" like SunnyD, no candy bars besides straight-up squares of dark chocolate, no pre-packaged meals, no "snack foods", no "diet-food"...pretty much avoiding anything that comes in a box.

    You're gonna be shopping on the outside of the grocery store for most of your stuff/

    So pretty much if you're eating clean you're gonna be eating mainly fresh produce (canned is OK on occasion depending on what canned foods you're gonna be eating), fresh cuts of meat (aka, not things like hot dogs or sausages), dried grains that you gotta cook yourself (like rice and pasta)...and the most "processed" thing you're gonna be eating is dairy products.

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      In the plan I mostly use, she allows for frozen produce in place of fresh. But otherwise, you're exactly right.