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So does he care or not?

My ex and me had a fight because he'd been a complete douche for the entire week. Before the week everything had been fine, we'd even been planning a... Show More

We've been dating for four months and I was his first girlfriend, not sure if that's necessary information.

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  • He sounds very immature. Maybe being friends for a while wouldn't be a bad idea. You'd have time to get over this argument and see how both of you feel when you aren't under any relationship or exam stress.

    Sometimes backing up and starting over is the best solution, sort of like when your computer freezes, right?

  • Even though some questions in the moment seem like they can be simply answered, sometimes they can't be, and trying to force an answer just stresses both sides out.

    I think he cares, it's just you quickly put him up against the wall.

    • so what do I do?

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    • I can understand that stress can make things worse, but it's during those times that you appreciate the support of those who help.

      So you could push through this, hope it's just a phase. But his reaction to your questions make him seem very immature, especially the dissing with an audience.

    • Yeah I agree. Best to leave it. Thank you!

      Also, one question, one of our common friends is pressuring me into attending an event that he'll go to, which is unusual for him. Should I expect a showdown, knowing how immature he is, and not go?

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