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What do you think about girls wearing yoga pants to school?

I got some from Victoria's Secret today and I really like them. (They also make my butt look really good too..) My mom was iffy about me getting them... Show More

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  • Yoga pants look pretty close to sweat pants. They both make me think you just rolled out of bed and did not try, and therefore look a little trashy. If you were out for a jog or something active, then they would be fine but in normal situations it seems lazy. Obviously I realize that may not be why you are wearing them, but it is hard to shake the idea. If it was a guy you were comfortable with and they were really really tight, then that is about the only situation where they would achieve the effect you want without looking lazy.

What Guys Said 10

  • Your mom is right about them. It's fine to look attractive, but a Victoria Secret kind of attractive is a litte trashy, and will get your the wrong kind of atention, from the wrong guys, you'll find.

    It's jst too garish a look to be classy, no matter how nice it shows off your behind.

  • Imo I think they're fine; they look like a more flattering alternative to sweatpants. I do understand your mom's point of view, though.

    I'd wear yoga pants if I was a girl. They look really comfortable for everyday wear.

  • Do I think they are aesthetically pleasing? Yes. Do I find them trashy as well? Yes.

  • They're hot. They also kind of look trashy but only sometimes. Mostly hot. Of course, you have the girls who really don't have the figure to pull it off and it becomes embarrassing for everyone in the room.

  • Love them :) best thing ever invented ha ha :) and yes they do bring a lot of attention to the butt. But its all good. :)

  • I don't like them. I prefer jeans. ;)

  • its slutty if you want people to stare at your ass ware em to a boy they love it a man knows your needy for attention

  • I'm conflicted about it. The person it me wishes girls would dress nicer and not show so much. The guy in me loves it and will stare at butts.

  • It's hot , I stare at the ass all the time once a girl is wearing them gosh you wanna just tap that ass

What Girls Said 5

  • I bought a pair for my aerobics class at university. I wear them on the days of my aerobics class and to the gym every night.

    Sometimes when I'm just not feeling it, I wear them to class. I know it looks trashy and I am of the opinion that they're the skank pants. I held out on buying them for years but finally caved.

    I figure, I already have a boyfriend, he doesn't go to my school, I have no need to attract guys by dressing up and looking nice, so I don't. Any guy who approaches me soon shoves off once I tell him I'm a CJ major anyway.

    I wear what I want when I want. But I am partial to jeans. I do like those better.

  • The point of yoga pants isn't to bring attention to your butt, it's to do yoga. Instructors prefer more fitted pants so they can easily see what you're doing and correct you if you're doing something wrong. Wearing them just for the sake of wearing them is lazy, and apparently a cry for attention.

  • I think it looks lazy. If you're not working out or staying home, I don't approve.

  • Well if your intention is so you can direct attention to your butt then your mother is right. I don't think yoga pants are trashy but the intent behind wearing yoga pants in this case is trashy.

  • Yoga pants are for activity or lounging, not for going out.

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