What's so bad about braids?

I know a lot of guys who are anti-braids. I understand that guys like it when a girls have their hair down and free flowing (well not really because I don't understand why something like that even matters to them, especially when they claim they don't notice small details), but what makes braids any different than a girl having her hair in a bun or ponytail?

By braids I mean any kind. It could.be french braid, fishtail, individual braids that you sometimes see on black girls, cornrows, the two pocahontas braids, a single Lara Croft braid, etc.


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  • It's a small aesthetic matter. When hair is let loose, hair will frame the face, which makes the general shape of the head look smoother; rounder. Now taking into account that smoothness tends to be a feminine quality, (by smoothness I mean the smooth transitions of different body parts as opposed to the ruggedness males are normally attributed), we can apply that to hair as well. Straight and wavy hair is preferred among guys. Curly hair is usually only widely accepted only when it's not natural, and frizzy hair is normally looked down on. The reason for this is due to the hair seeming less feminine. It looses the smooth transitions guys look for, if only subconsciously. Now, braids, one could argue, that braids do have a smoothness to them, but it doesn't change the rougher look that it does have. It loses it's feminine quality and appeals less. This is because the braid is essentially in a knot (though not technically).

    Now for my own personal opinion. I don't mind certain braids, but in my experience, the less hair used for the braid, and the more amount of braids there are, the less attractive it looks.

    In the end, it comes down to preference. What I told you above was, respectively, the general social view, and my opinion. This in no way is applied to every guy as there are many that prefer braids and/or curly/frizzy hair than the generally accepted wavy or straight.

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      Braids are tame, I don't see how they're considered rugged. I women are more likely to have braids than men. Plus I never said the hair had to be frizzy. Your hair doesn't have to be frizzy to achieve a braid. A braid isn't any more a knot than a bun is.

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      I defined style in that previous post to avoid confusion. I wasn't talking about style in that manner of speaking, but rather how it is defined. Texture is apparent to each individual strand of hair. Not the set of hair. Frizzy is a quality that can only appear in a set of hair, not the strand, thus it is not a texture. As for your actual question. If you cannot understand association as referenced in sociology, I cannot answer your question. I apologize and hope someone can answer your question

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      Hair cannot be frizzy if not for the individual strands. The strands are what makes the hair look frizzy or sleek.

      No you are going on and on about frizziness and it has very little if anything at all to do with this question.