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Do all girs able to bite powerfully?

y I'm asking is me and one of my girl friend had fought each other...i playfully locked her neck between my arm and chest...she biten on it two or... Show More

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  • You can believe that but you'd be wrong... You see girls are able to eat meat, to bite, chew...

    So basically yes we are able to bite someone as well.

    I guess your friend didn't want to hurt you. Bitting is hard too because you don't know when you're really gonna hurt the person.

    • but she bited me in angry...what about u? are you strong in biting?

    • I can yes like everybody I'm sure.

    • Have you biten anyone ever?

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  • umm so you wanted her to bite off your nipple? lol

    i don't think she was trying to bite hard to be honest

    • haha...is it possible to bite off the nipple?lolz..i don't think you hav that much power..

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    • R you ter buddy...missing u

    • im trying to get you on fb lol

  • No, my teeth are very .

    • strong

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    • No

    • So you can leave a deep teeth mark on my chest..am I wright?

  • You sound like a creep...

    • Y? R you lazy in biting? Don't hide that by telling this..lol

  • True, girls can't bite hard. There is your answer.

    • Haha what about you buddy..

    • You can always get a dog and train it to bite you. There are also bats, they bite. Snakes do too.

    • But buddy..i need a girl to bite

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