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I haven't heard from the guy I was texting for 4 days, what does this mean?

I met this guy in a club a week ago, he got my number and said I was really cute and hinted we should meet up even though he lived an hour away. We... Show More

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  • maybe he's busy. maybe he decided that stalking you on Facebook is easier. maybe he met someone that he likes better. maybe he thought he liked you, but decided that you were too crazy. maybe this was all a dream. It doesn't matter.no matter what the real reason is, it's best to decide that he's not interested enough, and let it go. if you don't, you run the risk of developing a one-sided love thing, which isn't fun. If he eventually responds, and you're still interested, then maybe see where it goes, but don't wait around for his response. treat it like you missed the bus, and catch the next one.confusing guys are a trap. they can suck you in, by keeping you intrigued. beware :D

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  • He's not interested don't text him any more and see if he text or call

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  • He's probably playing games, or he might have been busy with Thanksgiving/family stuff. Guys aren't very good at multitasking. Let him contact you first; I wouldn't contact him again.

  • For me,no answer from a guy is my answer.I don't play games.

  • probably not interested.

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