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Viditing the UK for the first time. What are sone suggestions of fun things to try?

About a month out from my trip over. I am looking forward to some time away even though it is a work trip. Anything I should try or avoid while... Show More

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  • You should visit stone henge. london obviously. Manchester, liverpool and scotland- inverness if your heading up north. Depends where your going.

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  • Ryanair / Easyjet / FlyBe offer exceptionally cheap flights to various European destinations. That's what I'd do. Trust me, the UK in December is not a place you want to be.

  • Go to pubs and watch football. Definitely be sure you don't call it soccer. Try some fish & chips. Beware our chavs and chavettes.

  • UK is a big place, where exactly are you going to?

    London is quite a distance if you'll be in Edinburgh.

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