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Guys: Bellybuttom peircing

I'm thin and tall, I got a belly button ring..are they hot or not?

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  • i think belly and tongue piercing are hot...however, just to warn you, I'm in the minority here on GaG.Most guys will say they don't like those types of piercings.

    • like people say there hot, but how?

    • To me, it signals that a girl is comfortable enough with her body and sexuality to wear a piece of jewelry at somewhere as sensual and noticable as the stomach.I don't know too many painfully shy and sexually reserved girls with those types of piercings!

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  • its from person to person. There's nobody that can tell you if the piercing will attract a different person. Some peopel look good with them, some don't. It's all in the fissad

  • hot if you have a flat tummy. at least to me.

  • I don't really like bellyrings on girls because I have a bellybutton fetish. I like doing the same thing I do when I go lower on a girl to her belly button So the bellyring would only get in the way

  • I think they're extremely hot but like others have said some might not. Don't let opinions persuade you either way tho, Its your body do want you please.

  • To be honest no

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