You ever have neighbors you just couldn't stand?

What are some things they did that irritated you? My friend has some sh*tty neighbors and the things he tells me makes me laugh.


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  • just their gay ass licking dogs.

    • lol

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    • up and down. I'm glad the year's over. I need a new start.

    • Me too <3

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  • WOW so ironic that I stumbled upon this at the moment. Why? Because it's been 2 f***ing hours that I can't freaking study in my own crappy apartment. It's 2:30 PM but apparently my upstairs neighbors thinks it's about f***ing time he watches TV full blast, just loud enough that I can focus on my dynamics exercices. I'm studying for my finals but apparently some people have such wasteful lives that they have nothing to do other than make a sh*tload of noise for everybody to be bothered by on a weekday afternoon. How great is that. And it's a student building for christsake.

  • Yeah I had neighbors once, they were the meanest people imaginable. Mom and dad both terrible and joyless.

    They were just cruel people.

    Another time I had the loudest neighbors, they had parties all the time, more cars in their yard than humanly possible to drive.

  • I remember some awful neighbours when I was about 5 or 6. She was always having a go at us for something stupid and even try to turn our other neighbours against us by spreading rumours. She kept chihuahuas and they would bark in high yappy voices all day, so one day I gave them a wash over the fence with the hose. She wasn't very grateful :P

  • Yes now I am.They keep a monkey in a cage at their backyard.They also have a rooster,two dogs,3 cats and also few ducks.How 'nice' I live near with a zoo where I can hear many different noises.Every weekend they will have karaoke fun live band!

    • uh you should report them to the police for animal cruelity for the monkey...are they even legal?

  • My neighbor isn't annoying but he is very creepy, in that Disturbia serial killer kind of way.

  • Ummm, family has some issues with some of our neighbors...or rather they do with us. One of them (a female) acts like a high schooler and just loves drama and to start sh*t. My sis actually got in a fist fight with her and left her whaling like a baby in the road and my dad was fighting with her husband. They've thrown rocks at our windows and broke them. Haven't had issues since they got a nice ass whoopin'...but we'll see how long before that needs a renewing.

  • well my neighbor screams as lous as she can at her kids every single day, either in the middle of the night or early morning. really pisses me off. sometimes she even sings. I don't really mind that but her voice could be used as a torturing tool.

    by the way sometimes when she screams and her kids are at school, I don't hear anyone answering her lol so she is either screaming with herself or the person she is screaming with talks in a normal voice.

    also, her children after school run around in the corridor, banging on doors and screaming or crying.

    i guess this is why my other neighbors moved out of their houses

  • I have some terrible neighbors.

    The one in front of us always turns on the stereo and put songs that explode your mind.

    Or send their children to run in the coredoor and scream without stop. We had to complain about them and then they stopped.

  • OH yeah! My neighbor thinks its funny to watch TV super loud until one am... you know people are TRYING TO SLEEP

  • This idiot Neighbours of ours greets me with a puckered kiss on my cheek every time I run into him.".makes me want to kick him and smack him in the face.

  • one just stares at me, like when I rake the leaves out front or if I'm sun tanning in my back yard, it's creepy... If I say hi he just walks away... or keeps staring. Other than that there are some noisey kids that just moved here... I really don't like having neighbors I want to live far out in the woods! Also I have a neighbor who trains police dogs in his backyard and yells at them and hits them(I can hear the dogs shrieking) he also hits his wife too... sounds like a white trash neighborhood, but it is a very wheathy area (multimillion dollar homes)... everyone's got their dirty secrets... my neighbors probally don't like our family either, we are really loud... um and last night I was jamming on my guitar til the sun came up... hahaha f*** this neighborhood, they are all creeps!

  • Yes --

    Right now there are three that I can't stand.

    First of all they have sex daily. I don't have problem with them having sex while I'm in a 'dry period', but the problem is that I can hear EVERYTHING. Literally. Their screams , the sound of them banging, the bed hitting the wall.

    The few times they're not having sex, one of them fights loudly with his girlfriend(almost everyday) the second one almost never stops having sex (I like sex too,but I hate the fact that she screams.Everytime.Quiet sex you know?), and lastly the one I HATE listens to music in full volume.And her favorite genre is the one I dislike most. Also she brings her friends at 4-5am and they shout, talk and laugh loudly (and a lot more but these are the things they do every time)

    The thing that bothers me most is that I'm trying not to be loud and disturb them.But they just don't give a f***.


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  • What do they do that he can't stand?

    • loud, obnoxious type of stuff, trashy too. one guy comes over a lot and peels out every time he's there, once he lost control and almost went through another neighbors living room.

  • lol, Well I'm sure I've herd worse stories then you... This one lady at this condo that is a client of my families business seems to rent to troubled tenets. One time she rented to a p*rn director and they were making flix all the time disturbing the neighbors. Another time she rented to a crazy guy that was pissed at his neighbors and was shooting of a shotgun on the balcony. The SWAT team had to be called in. hahaha I hear the craziest stories from my dad about all the condo owners.

    • that is worse lol. his neighbors moved in about a month or so ago, I'm kinda hoping they're just getting started on how bad they can be. if nothing else it'll give me stories to laugh at.

    • She rented to some guys that started marijuana grow house in there as well. Man I have no idea were she finds these tenets. Then she gets mad when the board doesn't want to approve her tenet applications, and starts calling everyone racist and says that we're just prejudice against Columbia. It's hilarious. I'm glad I don't live in that condo. =P

  • I may be a bad neighbour for having parties at my apartment but I hate my neighbour for calling our manager no matter what without even trying to ask me to be quite.

    • lol

    • Maybe the dude has to work or something or had a stressful day... and if people were partying like crazy I'd probably be f***ing upset too...maybe he is embarassed to tell you to be quiet and he figures you guys will stop when the manager says something

  • They were always f***ing loud as sh*t & had multiple people there.

  • I don't have neighbors I can't stand. I think I'm the one they can't stand!

    My parents, often they aren't home, and I have a very good sound system. I listen to my music VERY loud. and sometimes, when I'm playing war games I also like to turn up the volume to make a real war LOL.

    But when they knock at my door, I stop. I think sometimes I just lose the notion of the limit.

  • Yes

  • My neighbors are sh*t. They frequently steal my mail when I'm on holiday or away for the weekend. I've told most people who send me stuff, to always send it to my work address.

    • what would they want with you mail...

    • Well they should at least have the decency to pay any of your bills that they steal with the rest of the mail.

    • They are just taking the mail to be d***s. They don't actually want any of it.