People that knows what hydrogenated oils are and still consume it?

If you know what it is, why still have it in your diet? It's a big no-no. This should be avoided at all costs. Everything you do for your health is expunged once you consume this!

I cannot believe anon comented saying he laughed that I am trying to scare people about hydrogenation! Then he goes on saying he studied chemistry! If you studied chemistry, you would know what the hell I am talking about!


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  • I'm about to sound stupid but what exactly do they do to you? I'm trying to be healthier, could you enlighten me please? :)

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      They come in most process foods. Technically when you eat anything the main purpose is for active enzymes to nourish the cells in your body. Hydrogenated oils were once normal oils that have been heated to about 900 degrees and then stuck with a toxic metallic alloyed(usually nickel), that binds hydrogen atoms to it's compound post. This makes the food your eating have more shelf life. Technically because it's a dead food that has no active enzymes. When you eat this substance it reverses the

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      the main purpose function of your cells. Your cells needs to be nourished with nutrients, the expunge its waist. Healthy fats guides these processes and keeps pathogens and toxins from entering the cells. When you eat hydrogenated oils, it prevents your cells from being nourished by nutrients, stops the cell from eliminating waist, and allows pathogens and toxins to enter the cells in your body!