Workout question?

Do to life getting in the way I haven't been in the gym for over three months. I started going back yesterday. As always I went as far as I could and today I am so sore I can't go even if I wanted to. Before I was unable to get there I was going 4-5 times a week. How long should it be before I don't have to have recover days?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Usually 4-8 week before you'll notice that you really aren't sore the next day. That doesn't mean you don't need recover days though.

    It is possible to overwork your body and you are smart to not work out when you are too sore. That's just counter productive. Your body makes its changes during the recovery time, not while you are in the gym. If you beat your body to hell and then don't let it heal, your efforts will be wasted. Especially for weight lifting that involves the actual tearing of muscle fibers that need to be repaired.

    4-5 days a week is fine assuming your body can handle it. Ramp up but in days and work out intensity. maybe start with 3 days for the first month or two then work up to 4-5 days. Also go a bit easy on yourself as first. You have to get your body used to working out again, and doing a high intensity work out on day one is not a good idea because it will hurt you more than help, plus there is even risk of injury.

    Also make sure your nutrition is good, you eat a solid amount of protein, take vitamins and amino acids, and get plenty of sleep. Those things will help aid in the repair of your body and muscles and will quicken the recovery time.