How to get her a ring for Christmass?

I have no idea what her ring size is and I don't want to ask hey what's your ring size? cause I want it to be a surprise.

Btw, which of the following gifts you like the most? :P

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  • You know they say only guys buy women heart jewelry, I guess it's partially true. I'm gonna go ahead and be honest there all gaudy and unappealing to me.


    I'd much prefer something like that.

    Pearls and white gold are classy in my opinion.


    These are nice too. Those black earrings are terrible, please don't get those.

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      Then again I'm not your girlfriend maybe she is the type of girl who likes heart jewelry. . .

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      what kind of girl doesent like jewellery!? :D

      but yeah I've asked her why she doesent wear any and she said she doesent know, no one of her family had jewellery ^^ but she likes them, even said shed get her pierced if I wanted her to to lol I guess she might have picked up why I asked about her ears

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      Lol a girl who likes jewelry wears it regardless of her family, but alright. And yeah you could pay for her to get her ears pierced or get her a necklace. You could also go to her favorite store and get multiple necklaces and headbands and stuff. But you might want to bring a girl with you to help you pick ^^