How to get her a ring for Christmass?

I have no idea what her ring size is and I don't want to ask hey what's your ring size? cause I want it to be a surprise.

Btw, which of the following gifts you like the most? :P

1 link

2 link

3 link

4 link

5 link

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  • You know they say only guys buy women heart jewelry, I guess it's partially true. I'm gonna go ahead and be honest there all gaudy and unappealing to me.


    I'd much prefer something like that.

    Pearls and white gold are classy in my opinion.


    These are nice too. Those black earrings are terrible, please don't get those.

    • Then again I'm not your girlfriend maybe she is the type of girl who likes heart jewelry. . .

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    • what kind of girl doesent like jewellery!? :D

      but yeah I've asked her why she doesent wear any and she said she doesent know, no one of her family had jewellery ^^ but she likes them, even said shed get her pierced if I wanted her to to lol I guess she might have picked up why I asked about her ears

    • Lol a girl who likes jewelry wears it regardless of her family, but alright. And yeah you could pay for her to get her ears pierced or get her a necklace. You could also go to her favorite store and get multiple necklaces and headbands and stuff. But you might want to bring a girl with you to help you pick ^^

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  • I like Link 3 the best. To get a ring for her you could always buy a larger band and then have it resized later. Talk to the jeweller when you go into the store about resizing. They can give you tips on the best styles that will work with resizing, and also give you options.

  • Honestly any one of them. Personally love 3

    Just a warning. When you hand a girl a box which she will know is a ring box her brain goes from 0 to 100 in milliseconds. It can become very awkward as she can freak out thinking omg he's proposing- this is amazing/this is not good. So maybe take it out of the box and put it in something else

  • Try asking a friend of hers to find out for you.

  • I like 2 and 5.

    The best way would be to borrow one of her rings and ask them at the store. Or you can ask a friend or family member of hers if they know or can find out.

  • I like number 2 best. To get her ring size can you take on of her other rings? Your best option if you can't get one of her rings is go bigger because if you need it sized it is cheaper to make it smaller then to make it bigger.

  • Black diamond earrings are original, something she can brag to her friends about

    As for ring size can you borrow a ring from her jewellery box and trace the in side and then the outside and which ever ring you buy if it fits between those two circles should work

    • i am not sure she has a jewellery box, I've never seen her with any kind of a jewellery on, but I love the black diamond earrings too

    • Size her hand up to yours while cuddling and slyly match up her finger to yours and I'm assuming her her hand is smaller so maybe match up her finger to one of the knuckles on your ring finger or pinky finger? That could work

  • I like link 5. It's really classy looking and a necklace is a lot more noticeable than earrings. Lots more compliments.

    I'm going to assume you're proposing to her, but if you're not, don't buy her a ring.

    Ring size is shoe size minus one. So ask her her shoe size or find out yourself.

    • propose, no f***ing way xD I am not planing to marry till I am 30 lol I just want to make her a nice gift ^^

    • Then don't buy her a ring, even if it doesn't look like an engagement ring. It will give her the wrong idea and it will be very awkward. Stick with necklaces and earrings unless you want to pop the question.

  • I'm not a fan of any, but I guess five. Also, ask her mom or dad. My boyfriend does that, and my mom never ruins the surprise.

  • I like 1,2, or 3. It really depends on what you want to say with your gift. As far as how to get her ring size. You could see if she had any other rings, ask her mom or someone else who might know, or take her to a store and look at some stuff and see if she wil try something on.

  • idd get her a size 5 because you can always have it made smaller or bigger and size 5 is the best size to get adjusted... my mom works in a jewelry store but ummm if I were you idd go with 5 is so perfect idd cry if my boyfriend gave me that

    • thanks ^^

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    • lol I d love a teenage mutant ninja turtles poster..:P

      or a ck cologne

    • lol he's really in to fords so I got him a little decal for his phone I got him a few other things like come cologne new ear buds for his ipod 2 packs of the kinda socks he wares because he is always complaining he doesn't have enough socks I got him a picture of us and put it in this little dorky frame and a few other things a copy of cars 2 (we whent to the mid night showing of it together) stuff like that

  • Ask a friend, not the kind who you know loves gossip but the quieter type who will keep your secret a surprise. If your in her room, you could swipe one quick and outline the inside of it on a sheet of paper so you can take it to a jeweler.

  • 2 3 or 5 are all cute!

    • Btw if she has small hands like me she could be a. Size 6

  • i like 4.

  • Find someone who has similar size hands as her? and usually they exchange it if it's not the right size (ask them when you buy it if it's possible) or you can take it somewhere else where they make it to her size after you give it to her.

    & I like link number five. :]! with link number two. :]!

    • wow, after reading the other answers... everybody wants the same one's as me! EWK!

      Okay I want link 3 better now. LOL Get her 3. :]!

  • If she has a ring, when she's not around, trace both the inside and outside circumference, use that as reference at the store.

    2,3 and 5 are all lovely choices.

  • Ask her mum or, if she has any other rings, try and grab one and take it to a jeweller's, they'll size it for you.

    I also like gift one best :)

    • lol I don't know anyone of her family yet ^^ but I think ill pass on the ring, the black diamond earring look more awesome :P

  • id say 3 but I don't really like any of them lool

    • lol you're just jealous

  • what ever is the most expensive..

    • sorry I am just a first semester university student and that's no possible for me >_<

  • So, I prefer 2, 3 and 5. Any of those.

    Not 1, not 4

  • I like one but that's just me as for her ring size try one of her rings on your fingers and try to remember which finger of yours it fit on or the more logical one is to take a ring of hers and trace the inner side of the band with a pencil and take that with you.

  • I chose link one (the earrings) but mostly because I don't wear necklaces that often. What you get for your girl though is totally dependent on what you think she would like, of course.

    As far as finding out her ring size...does she have a mom or sisters or any girl friends available that could help? The other answerers are right...if she has any rings you could sneak, you can get them sized at a jewelers! (or you could just make an educated guess and she can always get it resized)


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  • Take one of her other rings to a shop, they will tell you the size.

    Or measure it with a ruler.

  • sheldon cooper is god

    After saying that, get her friend to find out for her

    • lol genius xD her best friend is a good friend of mine anyway :P

    • the ability comes with watching sheldon for a year

  • Wait to after December 21 to buy... just to make sure the world is still here

  • Ask a friend or relative of hers to find out for you.

    Always worked for me.