Is he being nice or interested?

There is a new guy at work. He seems very nice always and likes talking to me it seems. And if I express interest in a movie he even offers to let me borrow it. Yesterday I mentioned I had gotten rid of cable and was running out of things to watch. He told me he had an external hard drive that had a bunch of things on it. He told me he was willing to bring it in so I could borrow it for a while and watch whatever I wanted. So is he just being nice since I am his superior or interested? I originally meant to post with a poll.

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I should probably mention he and one of the other guys seem to have similar taste in music and share cd's all the time as well including making mixed cd's of bands they might wanna check out. That's why I think he might just be nice.


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  • You could suggest he sets up the hard drive for you? Make some comments about liking his hard drive, nudge nudge, wink wink, pinch his bum and give him a pay rise.

    But seriously this is a dodgy one. Do you want him? Do you want him a lot? Enough to change jobs if it doesn't work between you? What if he dates someone else in your office after you? What if you date someone else after him?

    If you really like him then you could give him an opening without pressure. Ask him if he wants to watch a movie with you, even go to the cinema? You'll find out then.

    I had a female boss who sometimes I used to stand up to and she would get mad. But she also wanted to pinch my bum, seriously! On a work night out she and her friend cornered me and another guy and wanted to pinch our bums, we refused, they chased us all round the place She told us that when we were older we would appreciate women like them, lol. Ahh work place sexy harrassment, those were the days! Sometimes she would sit up on my desk talking to me, a bit forward, lol. When I left she gave me a really big hug for a quite a few seconds. She had it bad for me. ;-)

    But back to you.

    Do you want him to be interested in you? What do you like about him?

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      What the crap is up with pinching people?

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      Huh? What? You only get crap if you pinch in the middle, is that what you are saying? Wipe your finger after pinching! lol ;'-)

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      Ok perhaps whis is better. Why in the world are people pinching people?