Boyfriend is obsessed with TheChive but says he'd dump me if I posted a picture of myself there?

So my boyfriend is constantly on thechive on his phone. He even saves pictures of chicks from it. So I told him I think it's fair that I post a picture of myself on thechive. He said "No way" and basically said I'd be a whore if I did that. So I'm confused.. he has a right to look at these strangers and save their pics onto his phone, yet I would be a whore if I did just what they're doing? What the hell is up with this double standard?!


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  • I know your boyfriend is being hypocritical.

    But by you only wanting to post your photos, "to get back at him"

    doesn't make things any better. It makes you childish (no offense).

    You have every right to be upset, but you need to handle this situation very differently.

    Let it be known how disrespected you feel about this.

    If he continues to act like its no big deal,

    Then give him the cold shoulder for a while until he does otherwise.

    He should never want to see you upset.

    Your feelings should matter more than any ones picture,

    and unfortunately you need to go to the extreme for him to see that.

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