Do black people still think OJ Simpson was innocent of murder?

Do black people still believe Oranthal James Simpson was innocent of murder?

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  • It wasn't about people thinking he was innocent. It was about winning over a justice system that had been very unfair to certain groups in the past

    • I agree that was the jest of it

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    • But they weren't celebrating the death of a white woman and white man, they were applauding the fact that the justice system ruled in favor of a black man.

    • Hmm I think that some black people were celebrating the death of a white man, white woman and the fact that a freed black man did it. There are shreds of truth in all of that. That is just my opinion. I am really interested in how race relations have improved since this all happened and since Obama became prez.

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  • Most black people here are young adults.I was like 4 when he was acquitted.

    I personally don't care either way. But to answer your question,I think he was guilty but had an accomplice

    • What makes you think he had an accomplice?

    • Didn't he supposedly kill Nicole brown Simpson and Ron Goldman at the same time? How can one person stab two grown adults to death at once? Its just odd

    • Not odd. He was one of the most powerful NFL runningbacks all time. I know from the knife I saw in court I could easily stab 2 or 3 people to death with it.

  • Haha, I always thought his son did it!

  • Lol! Not this black person! He did it! I'm sure of it!

    • Nope, give me a clue what your screen name is and I'll message you so we can talk it out :)

  • Do all white people think Casey Anthony is innocent?


    Most black people will admit he got away with it. At the time, during the hysteria, it was a victory...but afterward, when reality set in, so did common sense

    • Pretty good answer. I somewhat agree

  • Does not matter to me, that's between him and his conscience.

  • It doesn't matter

  • It doesn't matter. Who cares if he killed Nicole and Ron?

  • It doesn't matter. Who cares if her killed Nicole and Ron?

  • why does everything have to be a race thing? why can't people just be people and have their own opinion without race?

    • Good question. We talk about this in sociology. Europe has much different views on race then Americans and our views on race are still evolving and hopefully all for the good.

  • I think it would have been a more interesting question if you would have posted this question, "DO people still think OJ Simpson was innocent of murder?" I don't see why race would influence someones decision, but maybe I'm wrong.

    • This is very interesting. If you have time check this out. If you don't live in America then I can understand you not being aware of the great divide. link

    • Nice way of asking, but most blacks believed he was innocent & whites thought he was guilty.

      In this case he's targeting the black community.

    • at the god father, its sad to say you are probably right, to me, it doeesnt matter if the person is black or white, I certainly wouldn't judge their innocence because of the color of their skin, and I'm white btw.

  • I hope not...

  • Don't say all black people, Again we're putting everyone in a box. You can't believe everything people portray things are , Because the majority of people in my family thought he was guilty .

    • Didn't use the word all but thnx for your answer

  • Many blacks thought he was innocent or at least pretended he was

  • He's guilty

    We all know it

    • Of course but that is not the question

    • They know it. Just don't want to admit it

  • Guilty

  • I thought even black people knew he did it. I'm non-black & lived outside of America when the murder & trial happened but as far as my knowlege.. black people knew he got away with murder. (ex Oprah, black comedians, etc)

    • All my black friends insisted that he was innocent. I always thought they knew deep down but just celebrated that he got away with it.

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    • lol thnx I did get the dates mixed up and that was underplayed at the time (the domestic charge)

    • Yes, I'm sure it was.

  • A lot of people think he is inoccent just because he has money. But we all know he did do it.

    • Of course he was guilty. Even his defense team and ALL his old x friends knew he did it.

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  • I just don't give a f***. Who really cares at this point? Let the guy live in peace.

    • You answer and don't give a hoot? :P Oh and phuck him and if living in peace=living in a prison cell for the next 20 years goody. Are you a black guy?

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    • Oh and just to tell you the % of blacks who thought he was innocent now and innocent then is more than 30%

    • 80 something % in 1989 of blacks said they thought he was innocent and now it is under 50% but I am not a believer in polls. If you could find a believable accurate poll feel free to link me.

  • I don't think race has anything to do with it now, back then, sure, now? I highly doubt anyone gives a crap.

  • the jury found him innocent. It's funny how everyone doesn't respond with "whew! we have one less murderer than we thought! I'm glad we didn't send an innocent guy to prison. That would have been such a barbaric act by we who consider ourselves the most civilized country in the world."

    No matter what the media or your friends tell you, unless you were in the courtroom, you have no opinion - the thing that you have to say about the issue is called 'nonsense' or sometimes referred to is 'gibberish'.

    • America = The most civilized country in the world? I'd be very doubtful if anyone actually thought that, lol.

    • Funny how he wrote a book saying if he did it this is how I did it lol

  • he's guilty...

    • thank you my good sir

  • Dude, he confessed to the crime!

    • Not officially

    • Doesn't need to be official.

    • wow sikoo.. They banned you and now you are back lol

  • Yes, all black people think he's guilty, just like how they all love fried chicken and watermelon, and are afraid of dogs and can't swim. How can you even post a question such as this one?

    • What part of this question offends you? Are you implying that there are no more race problems? Are you denying that white people were sad and black people rejoiced when he was acquitted? We are discussing race and prejudice and the growth America has gone through in my sociology class.

  • I've heard people start admitting that he did it after he wrote that book.