If a guy doesn't text you first, does that mean he's not interested?

I'm getting mixed signals. We always talk in person and he always starts conversations and shows interested. He was the one who gave me his number too. We both flirt with each other and we are both obviously into each other. Even his friends have hinted at it. But he never ever ever texts me. Ever. I am always the one initiating text convos. It wouldn't bother me so much if he hadn't moved and now I hardly see him in person so texting is really the only way to keep in touch. He always likes things on my Facebook but he never texts me. Is he uninterested?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Some guys just aren't into the telephones or texting that much. If he's interested in real life, that's what's more important. He's far away now, so he's probably not going to be overly talkative to you, as most guys don't want long-distance relationships. It sounds like you're more crazy about him at this point than he is about you.