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What do you want but you can't have?

It can be anything and why?

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What Girls Said 45

  • A second horse so my boyfriend and I can go riding. Easier said than done, though.

  • The ability to fly and a future machine.

  • A new job. my current job is unpleasant, and I hate the people here! I want to leave but I can't for now.

  • For other people to stop calling me crazy. There is a reason to everything I do, even if they're too stupid to understand.

  • to never age

  • a house fully paid off, oh and why not make it tax free lol

  • money... I'm in the hole right now, and with 2 more terms before my degree...

  • I want and need a job, but that's easier said then done!

    What I really want now, isn't so much a "what" as it is a "who"

  • I want a tongue that isn't burnt, now I won't have any tastebuds for a week :(

  • To eat at Hu Hot. I could eat there but it's an hour drive.

    To be able to travel more.

    To be able to spend more time with my little brothers and sister.

  • A time machine.

  • I wish I was naturally thin so I wouldn't have to restrict myself from so much food, exercise all the time, and have less than satisfactory self-esteem.

  • What I want but can't have is to be with the Hot celebrity Channing Tatum,why because he is such a good actor and he is just soooo! Hot! :p

  • Wings. Huge black feathered wings that span around six feet across and are retractable so no one can see them unless I want to show them. Yes, I think I am obsessed with flying.

  • A list of things including

    the ability to fly

    vacation time I could actually use before April

    to be with someone I lost a while back

    more time to pursue my art

    I think all of those cover how I could achieve anything else I really want. I can actually work on getting time to do art, but the other things are out of my hands.

  • Sleeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppppppppppp :'(

  • A guy that prefers to chase after a girl that won't give him the time of day, where I had been for him unconditionally. But perhaps I was too available since most guys I know enjoy the chase. *shrugs*

  • Its not that I Can't have it, but finding the right one: A car ;)

  • henry cavill because look


    He's beautiful

  • Flawless skin! :D

    Or at least without dots. :[

  • His initials are F.M.A :(

  • This really really FINE guy in my psychology class because I haven't been proactive enough to pick my balls off the floor and ask him for his digits. Other than that I would say a trip to spain but since I'm not rolling in dough, I don't see it happening any time soon.

    • Girls don't have balls... I understand what you mean.

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    • it's an Island just east of Spain in Mediterranean sea where people party a lot lol.

    • o0o cool cool thanks for letting me know. Now can you tell me where I can find a tree made of money in the US of A?

  • i don't need to wish for anything, I make what I want a reality.

  • My freedom.

  • This guy but I messed things up. Hopefully I'll find someone else to capture my attention soon.

  • The ability to go back in time and change things. mainly to stop my grandpa from dying and to not have me and my ex boyfriend breakup. Also to be able to read minds and sense thing threw touch.

  • a sh*t load of money

  • I have everything I want

    If you asked me a year ago I would have given you a different answer but this year has been good

    I have a job a house friends family a boyfriend

    I'm happy

  • a perfect boyfriend:P

  • Telekinetic abilities.

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What Guys Said 17

  • One of those cute little alcoholic drinks that come with an umbrella in it.

    So close, yet so far away.

    • omg bro another uber cool message from you- your coolness level has increased to a 12/10 dear sir

    • :O

  • telekinesis. many many reasons. The first one - because somehow the stupid television remote always seems to end up on the other stupid side of the room.

    More generally, however, because it would turn any physical task into a mental task. Sounds like fun.

  • SUMMEEEEEER! F***ing freeezing my ass off cycling to uni every morning!

  • A social personality. I was raised by socially awkward parents, grew up with little social skills and became a reserved, mistrusting person.

  • All humans want what they can't have. I want my crush to love, but more importantly, world peace.

  • Absolute power

  • An appology to all the girls,whom I hurted when I was a bad ass...There's a saying "What goes around come around" and belive me its true ! No I am not hurt but I am not happy either in relatiönship :-(

  • sushi. its 330am in NY and all I want is a shrimp tempura roll is that so much to ask for?

  • lol probably better DNA

  • A cyber power pc... and not a gay mac!

  • nothing :)

    • who is that heavenly blessed beauty in your avatar?

    • Lol not sure, random pic I found

  • immortality, second would be super powers

  • An apology from some girl, but hell will freeze over before that happens. =P Don't really care anymore, but it the only thing that comes to mind when you say can't have. I'm pretty sure I can get everything else I want with time and tenacity.

  • Just her. Nothing else.

  • A girlfriend. Why? Either because I'm not confident or I'm too short or I'm not attractive enough.

  • For the girl I'm seeing to accept that I still stand by her and want to move things forward despite her thinking she'll lose me now the depths of her past keep being brought between us. And for her to believe me when I say none of it worries me as I think too highly of her

  • The screaming in my head to stop. I am guessing you know why I would want that.

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