What do you want but you can't have?

It can be anything and why?


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  • Wings... and I don't mean the kind you eat.


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  • A second horse so my boyfriend and I can go riding. Easier said than done, though.

  • A list of things including

    the ability to fly

    vacation time I could actually use before April

    to be with someone I lost a while back

    more time to pursue my art

    I think all of those cover how I could achieve anything else I really want. I can actually work on getting time to do art, but the other things are out of my hands.

  • money... I'm in the hole right now, and with 2 more terms before my degree...

  • A guy that prefers to chase after a girl that won't give him the time of day, where I had been for him unconditionally. But perhaps I was too available since most guys I know enjoy the chase. *shrugs*

  • I want and need a job, but that's easier said then done!

    What I really want now, isn't so much a "what" as it is a "who"

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  • An appology to all the girls,whom I hurted when I was a bad ass...There's a saying "What goes around come around" and belive me its true ! No I am not hurt but I am not happy either in relatiƶnship :-(

  • One of those cute little alcoholic drinks that come with an umbrella in it.

    So close, yet so far away.

    • omg bro another uber cool message from you- your coolness level has increased to a 12/10 dear sir

    • :O

  • telekinesis. many many reasons. The first one - because somehow the stupid television remote always seems to end up on the other stupid side of the room.

    More generally, however, because it would turn any physical task into a mental task. Sounds like fun.

  • SUMMEEEEEER! F***ing freeezing my ass off cycling to uni every morning!

  • A social personality. I was raised by socially awkward parents, grew up with little social skills and became a reserved, mistrusting person.

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