This man (guitarist) was always a Jimi Hendrix fan....from my generation..

How many of you recognize this guitarist and the group he was famous with? Oh most of the Big Time..he was British...


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  • Robin Trower.

    • ; - ) And actually, I chose to be old when I was in my preteens, and thus I'm now young and vibrant. It could be said I'm merely chronologically-challenged.

    • Yes

    • The old man must be right :D

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  • Procal Harum...ta da! Bow, bow, bow.

  • not those under 90 lol I'm joking

  • I think he's from The Who...

  • The lead singer of The Who?

  • Good god man, can you make it little harder? =p

    • PS..His song "Bridge Of Sighs" was supposedly about a European route to the death chamber...something final journey across a bridge with one small window...and that was their last glimpse of the outside world before they were extinguished?

    • LOL..U a youngster...Robin is/was a great guitarist...not on Jimi's level...but still great...I suppose I am a hopeless romantic...but this was always my favorite---> link

    • <3<3<3=D

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