Any boxing fans watch tonights fight?

Manny Pacquiao knocked out cold. That very well may have been fight of the year. Knock out of the year. What a fight. Anybody else have any thoughts?

Pacquiao/Marquez 5?


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  • Incredible fight. Incredible rivalry.

    • I think there is a good chance they will fight a 5th time. Which is amazing. The 4th fight kind of reminded me of the Hagler-Hearns fight. Two top level guys just saying screw it.

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    • Not sure. I just know that's how it works. Mayweather isn't going to fight Martinez, guy is just too big.

    • Yeah makes sense.

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  • I AM SO HAPPY. Just thought I'd start with that. Such a great fight. Marquez did something many doubted was possible and shut Pacquiao up... At least for now. I was jumping around when that hit landed and you just see the pac man drop. Man am I still so thrilled. Viva Mexico!

    • I was going nuts for the second half of the fight. How exciting. Marquez must feel like he had the moment of his life last night.

    • of course you're Mexican

    • As well as Puerto Rican. But yeah, that means I hold a lot of pride in this win. I don't know if you mean that in a racist way or not, regardless I am extremely proud and have always thought Pacquiao had too much ego.

  • I wanted Pacquiao to win. He just seems so humble and nice, but Marquez definitely deserved it. I'm not going to lie it scared me when he got K.O.ed and I did tear up a little when I saw his wife frantically trying to get to him. What a horrible postion to be in :/

    • Yeah I always feel bad for the family. I really wouldn't want my family to show up to any of my fights in that position to be honest.

  • Bahahahaha, sorry but Manny needed that :P

  • nope

  • I am really sad that Pacquiao lost, he's a very good boxer and a respectable one, but he can never always win, that's what a game is, sometimes you lost sometimes you win. But I am still a fan of him even though he lost. Anyway I am happy for Marquez, I know he deserves it.

    • Yeah, I've always liked Pacquiao, a really stand up guy. But I really respect both of them for the fight they put up. Both men went down, but Marquez delivered the KO blow.

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  • Manny made a crucial error. He didn't have both hands up to his mouth level to defend himself from a punch or counter punch, and as a result, he walked into a right power punch. That's almost like walking into an ambush. It's is extremely difficult to overcome.

    • That's something Marquez has been good at against Pacquiao, and he got too careless. Still, what a fight.

  • Hell yeah!

    I was watching it at a baptism after party (full of Mexicans, including me) and it was so exciting!

    As soon as it was over the Band started to play well known Mexican songs and everyone was dancing :D

    Asi se hace!

  • Very entertaining fight. I am certainly hoping for a 5th. Marquez just has a style that is kryptonite for Pacquiao. Counter-punchers love fighting opponents with limited defensive skills who leave openings by being sloppy technically. Pacquiao has improved in a lot of ways, as his head movement during most of the fight demonstrated, but it obviously was not enough. When Marquez fought Mayweather he got embarrassed because he had much slower hand speed and Floyd does not make the mistakes that Pacquiao does.

  • Yo, that was a crazy F***ing K.O.

    • My mind is just blown. That was fight of the year. That round marquez went down was a WAR. That fight turned into a hearns vs hagler type deal.

    • Round 3 was the best round, it was just non-stop fists in the air. Who knows if they're going for 5.

  • Didn't catch the fight unfortunately but that is justice because Marquez should have won the last fight!

    LOL@ anyone who thought Manny would beat Floyd

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