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What's the heaviest you can lift, girls?

Are you strong? or do you usually need someone to help you?Just round it for the poll

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  • I used to be able to bench press 110 or so, but could pick up about 130-135 if it was a human. I'm not in sports anymore, so I'm not quite as strong.

    • How much do you weigh?... Evil question I know. =P

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    • Eh not too shabby. Lifting your own body weight is being in shape

    • I used to be an athlete. Girls legs are usually quite strong, which is why picking up a human or something is easier than a bench press.

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What Girls Said 12

  • Last time I worked out, I was able to do about 15-20 reps @ 85 lbs on the seated bench press. I can do about 10-15 @ 100.

  • Well when it comes to squats I can do in the 200's. Same for deadlifts. (multiple reps) I bench 95 pounds. Probably a little more for one rep. I'm 129 lbs and 5'4.

  • Back in grade 11 gym, I struggled benching the bar, admittedly my legs are a lot stronger than my arms. Now I don't think much have changed, my biceps are stronger than my triceps so I think I could lift around 90lbs.

  • one grocery bag in each hand

  • I feel like people are exaggerating or I am totally out of touch... I can barelyyyy lift 50lbs. Actually when I saw that was the lowest option I was in shock. I'm 5'8 - 125lbs...I guess I'm weak

  • Obviously we're talking bench press? I can squat a good amount for a chick, but has been a bit since I hurt my back. Lifting weights is awesome, wish more ladies would do it :)

  • I haven't really tried in the past year but I remember back when I was in circus class I could lift like a lot. I'm not sure how much but I think it was over 130 lbs. Its not like I was buff or anything, in fact I think I had like ten extra pounds on me(fat not muscle). weird.Oh well, I guess if I can't lift much anymore I should join circus again.

  • Maybe around 70 lbs, yea I guess I'm not that strong...

    • super strong ;p

  • 100 lbs

  • probably around 110lbs..

  • i don't know...i don't lift weights.

What Guys Said 1

  • I saw this girl at the gym yeaterday bent over rows perfect form 85 pounds... Soo hot too bad she was dating a juice monkey

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