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Which do you prefer; a one piece swimsuit or a two piece swimsuit?

I always go for two piece swimsuits. There seems to be more freedom and with a lot of one pieces the straps either fall or it is too tight.

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  • A one piece, the ones with loads of cut outs. So I can hide the stuff I don't like while showing of the bits I do like. That just doesn't work with a two piece swimsuit, at least not for me.

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  • Most girls actually look better in a one piece; it hides imperfections and reshapes imperfect figures, like Spanx underwear does.

  • I personally like the monokini's , I think they look super sexy. They are an in between a one piece and two piece suit.

  • Whatever she's most comfortable in.

  • Different suits at different times. I was at my family reunion we do every year for July 4 and my "hot" cousin said that she had this really hot looking two piece she bought from V.S. she came out in it and her mom was like "umm, no, there are little children here" (referring to some of the other kids, since I'm her age) so she went and put her one piece on...ugh! haha

  • Some girls look good in one piece swimsuits, others look good in two piece swimsuits.

  • Two piece. Looks like it would be more comfortable too. Especially when soaking wet.

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