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Have you ever had that feeling of "clicking" with someone?

It's that one thing you can't quite put a label on or figure out why you feel the way you do. But basically it's just when you get along really well... Show More

I have it with a childhood firend.

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  • Yes I have had this feeling before,with my current boyfriend.We met and instantly 'clicked' we got along really well and felt as though we had know each other a lot longer than what we actually had.And yes the feeling was mutual.

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  • yea defiantly. strange though that those were short flings and the guy I fell in love with I never had that clicking feel, it like I had to work more to connect, but this is good.. I think!

  • Yeah. It sucks because it is only with people who have massive issues. We don't click because of issues it was just always something I could over look because we clicked. Unfortunately those issues always got in the way. :(

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