Difference between losing pounds & losing inches?

I hear some people say they've lost inches but no lbs...or they lost lbs but no inches, what's the difference?

Also, if my measurements are 37-25-37 & I weigh 114 lbs is it possible to lose an inch or 2 off of each of these measurements?


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  • In my opinion inches are more important than pounds. Inches determine how you look. Pounds just determine how heavy you are. They don't really say where the weight is located. Usually when I tell people my weight they are surprised (I look much lighter than my weight) so my weight really means nothing to me.

    I don't know if it's possible for you to lose any inches because you don't weigh much but I don't know how your body works (I've never been below 118lbs and had any smaller than a 25 inch waist, for example, while you may be capable of getting down to 90lbs and a 23 inch waist)

    What goal are you trying to achieve? I wouldn't count on losing much off of your stomach (like I said you might lose and inch or two but the only way to test that theory is to try it out). Personally, when I lose weight I reach a point to where I stay at a 25 inch waist and my bust and butt just get tiny (so I might lose about 3 or 4 inches off of my butt and boobs but my waist stays the same). Do you want to reduce your breast and hip size? I personally think that you're at a really nice size now. I don't see what you'd achieve by reducing inches


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  • I think when your losing pounds, it sums your overall body weight minus the pounds you lost, not in specific body spots.

    When your losing inches it's a measurement of specific body spots people want to have their weight loss very visible , like your middle or thighs.

  • "I hear some people say they've lost inches but no lbs...or they lost lbs but no inches, what's the difference?"

    Pounds are weight, inches are size, that is the difference. It's possible to lose inches and not lose weight - for example if you lose 10 pounds of fat but gain 10 pounds of muscle. Your weight has stayed the same, but you are now skinnier.


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  • Inches are more important. I know girls that are taller than me and weigh less but have larger measurements because they have a lot of fat. It's reasonable of you to lose 2 inches off the bust and 2 inches off the hips, but I wouldn't count on losing 2 inches off your waist. Then you'd have a smaller waist than most VS models and a 23 inch waist is pretty hard to achieve unless your really tiny all over

  • Whether you can lose inches really depends on your bone structure some when you are at your weight. For example, I have big ribs so I would be pretty much impossible for me to lose inches off my ribs right now unless I actually starved myself. I have pretty much the same measurements as you. You sound like you are really skinny and you have good measurements so I wouldn't worry about losing inches right now. Most guys like some curves so like would like it better if you are skinny and have those measurements.

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