Difference between losing pounds & losing inches?

I hear some people say they've lost inches but no lbs...or they lost lbs but no inches, what's the difference?

Also, if my measurements are 37-25-37 & I weigh 114 lbs is it possible to lose an inch or 2 off of each of these measurements?


Most Helpful Girl

  • In my opinion inches are more important than pounds. Inches determine how you look. Pounds just determine how heavy you are. They don't really say where the weight is located. Usually when I tell people my weight they are surprised (I look much lighter than my weight) so my weight really means nothing to me.

    I don't know if it's possible for you to lose any inches because you don't weigh much but I don't know how your body works (I've never been below 118lbs and had any smaller than a 25 inch waist, for example, while you may be capable of getting down to 90lbs and a 23 inch waist)

    What goal are you trying to achieve? I wouldn't count on losing much off of your stomach (like I said you might lose and inch or two but the only way to test that theory is to try it out). Personally, when I lose weight I reach a point to where I stay at a 25 inch waist and my bust and butt just get tiny (so I might lose about 3 or 4 inches off of my butt and boobs but my waist stays the same). Do you want to reduce your breast and hip size? I personally think that you're at a really nice size now. I don't see what you'd achieve by reducing inches