Girl accidently brushed past me?

i live in a place where there are staff there to help us with problems if we have any..

there a member of staff who is about my age 23 and when I talk to her she looks at me like she's interested I think .and the other day she didn't ask me to move she just brushed past me and said oh sorry so I'm a bit confused... thanks


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  • Could be one of two things.

    1) She is interested in you

    2) You are paranoid and horny

    • lol it probly number 2

      but it just feels weird when I'm talking to her and the way she looks at me

    • She could be trying to get your attention, playing games with you or flirting with you.

      If you think you like her then try smiling at her.

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  • Chances are you could be over thinking this. Most girls have a way of looking at guys and smiling that will come off as flirting when we really aren't. What I would suggest is, you try to hold more conversations with her, ask her about her weekend and stuff (nothing too personal!)... If she is very accommodating of your questions you could take a shot at asking her out..

  • You're way over-thinking this. Ask her to hang out sometime, just casually, then you'll see how she reacts. If she says no, okay, at least you know, if she says yes, great.

    • but she's a member of staff at the place I live it might seem wierd? and I'm not sure if she would be aloud lol

    • There's no harm in asking :)

  • At this point I wouldn't read into it too much...

    1.) She is a girl and sometimes women just enjoy being nice and flirtatious for a multitude of reasons. It can often be mistaken as interest by the other person

    2.) She is part of the staff--it is her duty to be nice to you because she is trying to maintain a professional image. Ever hear the old saying, don't mix business with pleasure? This one pertains to that.

    3.) There could be a possibility that she IS interested. The only way you would know is if you make the effort to flirt with her a bit too. Just make sure you have better evidence of her interest to go off on before you make such a move

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  • Story of my life:

    Guy asks me out. I say no as I'm not interested in dating anyone atm. They misinterpret all these things I do by reading too much into them. They ask me out again based upon their interpretations and I say no again as in my mind nothing has changed. I'm called a bitch for "leading them on" when in my mind I didn't flirt or do anything intentionally to indicate interest.

    A lot of guys mistake being nice for flirtation. Don't make that mistake.

    Based on what you said she looks at you when she talks to you and bumped in to you when she walked past.

  • Doesnt mean anything even the "look". She accidently hit you by moving past. Lots of people do that

  • That doesn't mean sh*t lol

    • lol I know I thinks its because I like her damn haha

  • if she liked you she would make it more obvious, laughing, smiling, playing with her hair, overall comfortable and relaxed around you.


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  • You may be reading too much into the look. Try talking to her and if you are interested, ask her out. You will get the answer you seek very quickly.