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How would you react to this?

If you got an embarrassing medical diagnosis one where you could of died and you told your parents not to tell anyone and your father tells EVERYBODY... Show More

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  • I would have to live with it. What's done is done. You can not go back. Just learn from it, and do not tell the old man anything that you don't want anyone to know.

What Girls Said 5

  • I'd be pretty mad at him but I wouldn't do anything really. It's not like you can swipe the memories of everyone he's told; so what's done is done.

  • I don't know I guess it would depned on what it was.

  • I would understand that he is concerned for my life,be grateful for that, many people do not have someone who is there for them and cares about them, I would not feel victimized, knowing that he has good intentions and was probably was just scared/worried about me.. Really, you almost died and you are more concerned about your rep?

  • I would be upset, but eventually get over it because it is in the past and therefore, I should move on

What Guys Said 3

  • You ain't been eatin your own turds have ya? That's the kind of thing people aughta be warned about!

  • I would tell hem "I asked you NOT to tell ANYONE" after this I wouldn't even tell him I went to a ballgame.

    What's new son? Nothing at all. If he presses I would say WHY so you can tell all of your friends my personal business?

    He betrayed your trust.

  • Redrum...redrum...redrum

    • No assault rifles for you.

    • Agreed :)

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