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Do you miss anyone right now?

my crush is on vacation with his family in amsterdam and I miss him :[

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  • I always miss my parents this time of year. They passed several years ago now. That said, I was fortunate to have had an awesome Mum and Dad. Mum made Christmas very special for us. So on the one hand, I miss them greatly. On the other hand, I have very good memories that I am fortunate to have.Joyeux Noël...

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What Guys Said 4

  • I miss the wasted days when I can't even approach a girl.

  • I miss who my relatives used to be before they tore my family apart

  • I liked talking to this one girl in class but the semester ended so I can't

What Girls Said 2

  • I miss my boyfriend I don't see him often :(

  • i miss someone who loves me and who I do lovedon't be sad because you don't see him for awhile be happy you have someone you can miss!

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