How do I know nothing is wrong?

My boyfriend has been acting weird lately, before the weekend he was all sweet and adorable but once he left for the weekend he kept calling me stupid and kept being a d***. I have no idea what I should do, when I ask him what's wrong with him, he keeps changing the subject. He always tells me what's wrong, and now he's just avoiding the subject. I'm worried. he's like this to people that lie to him, or the people he hates. I don't remeber doing anything wrong, and when we do start talking about it, he says something is wrong, then tells me to forget it. That just makes me more worried. What the hell am I supposed to do?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Let time heal the uncertainties between the two of you.

    Give him some space, and try not to lead a communication. Don't text/call him, but respond when he does. Better, try hanging out with him at various places during the holidays. This creates familiarity between the two of you, and might revitalize the lost soul in him.