Is it acceptable that a lady is making out with a complete random stranger in under 20 minutes?

I've seen a lot of guys who pulled the feat countless times.

Most women would disagree to the fact, but most of the girls, even the hottest ones, are making out hard in the broad daylight.

What's your take?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Some girls are into that. Most aren't. XD As long as she's not forced, it's whatever.

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What Girls Said 4

  • Well my personal opinion. If you just meet a guy and make out/hook up with him is purely physical and it's acceptable in some situations. But it just shows you have low self estime. OR the guy is really charming.! Like really. I would never do it. (accept for the occasional one night stand if I'm really horny haven't had sex in months aren't in a good mood. And still I'd have to know the guy for at least a month.)

  • It's her life

    Go for it

  • Eh, its not hurting anyone so who cares?


What Guys Said 2

  • They want to be seen, exhibitionism. Blog it in a couple of weeks or months and they will regret it. What would you say to your sister if she did it?

  • I have no problem if any person makes out with another person within 20 min of meeting them