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Is it acceptable that a lady is making out with a complete random stranger in under 20 minutes?

I've seen a lot of guys who pulled the feat countless times. Most women would disagree to the fact, but most of the girls, even the hottest ones,... Show More

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  • Some girls are into that. Most aren't. XD As long as she's not forced, it's whatever.

What Girls Said 4

  • Well my personal opinion. If you just meet a guy and make out/hook up with him is purely physical and it's acceptable in some situations. But it just shows you have low self estime. OR the guy is really charming.! Like really. I would never do it. (accept for the occasional one night stand if I'm really horny haven't had sex in months aren't in a good mood. And still I'd have to know the guy for at least a month.)

  • It's her life

    Go for it

  • Eh, its not hurting anyone so who cares?

What Guys Said 2

  • They want to be seen, exhibitionism. Blog it in a couple of weeks or months and they will regret it. What would you say to your sister if she did it?

  • I have no problem if any person makes out with another person within 20 min of meeting them

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