Did I do the right thing?

Basically I've had chemistry with this guy for two years, he's really intense with his looks which makes me revert to acting like a school girl and become really shy. I also never wanted to do anything at the time as I didn't want any gossip. He's now left work to go traveling.

It got really awkward at the beginning as I wasn't sure of how I felt about the situation. Now I realize I really fancy him. Everyone says he a nice guy and the few I've told said it looks like he's really into me.

The only problem is that he is in a long term relationship, those that have met her say he's bored by her as she's not very clever and quite shallow and irritating. He is also traveling without her for a year and will meet her back in America at the end.

I have just messages him to keep the communication lines open and to wish him good luck with his travels and to keep in touch via photos as I would honestly like to see them.

Do you think that sounds ok? Does he sound like a player or should I of backed off . Any helpful insights into the situation would be greatly received.