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Did I do the right thing?

Basically I've had chemistry with this guy for two years, he's really intense with his looks which makes me revert to acting like a school girl and... Show More

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  • Whats with this wild assumption that all men who show interest are marked as players? Its repugnant.

    2 things that are wrong here.

    1, you being shy. You have to learn to overcome it, I don't know how you are going to do it, but shyness is a disease.

    2. he is in a long term relationship. BOTH OF YOU ARE SHY it seems. But you have the advantage because you are closer to him, physically speaking.

    • The weird thing though is when I'm chatted up by anyone else it's fine but he makes me really shy.

      Yeah I totally get he's in a relationship that's why I haven't been flirting back yet I can't magically stop feeling attracted to him

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    • So now the problem is with you. We really can't help you here but to point out what is wrong. In the end your the one that decides its time to be confident and lose the shyness.

      Take the risk and tell him how you feel when he comes back. See this as a door that will open many opportunities. If he rejects you, it is still a door that will open many opportunities, one being that you have experienced confessing feelings to another man.

    • Thanks dude :)

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