What's your deadly sin?

I'm just curious, not to be taken as invasive or anything. If you don't happen to know the Seven Deadly Sins; then here's what they are:

- Anger

- Envy

- Gluttony

- Greed

- Lust

- Pride

- Sloth


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  • Loved your question :D

    I am a mere human being and these sins were derived and discovered after humans came into being. I indulge in all these sins ;) :-*

    1. Anger: I do have anger but again I believe this descrbes 'anger in control of you' ;) - well my anger is something I use as a weapon i.e. show it when needed so it gets work done and/or used to avert a bigger unfruitful problem.

    2. Envy: How will one ever scale an ambition w/o envy? consciously I've never known envy ever as we perceive it. however, come to think of it the very thought of aiming since childhood 'to be there &/or like him/her' itself is envy ;). use it in the +ve sense and you are ambitious.

    3. Gluttony: growing up during teens when BMR and appetite is at it's peak and I've been blessed with a good one at that :D. Have eaten as much as and more than any person could while having strength & stamina that required that feeding in those days :D. No matter how gluttonous someone may seem as long as they are not taking it away from someone else's plate / depriving the weak and poor, earning their food or ordained by god to receive food in that quantum, being given the capacity by nature to digest it; I think it's done ;)

    4. Greed: Again something that some say are greed maybe mere ambition. The one and only person who I've heard who called me that (albeit behind my back) was someone who I'd sent a quote for professional services on various counts. I price myself high by any standards as I know what I deliver is quality and that is my right - work with me if you want to or settle for something less ;). So again even quality and ambition can be interpreted as greed.

    5. Lust: Ah how can we survive without that :D I AM a VERY lusty guy, I lust all the while & LOVE being that way :D. However, I will not lust for someone when she trusts & confides in me, when she is drunk / intoxicated / drugged (and it will be 1st time if at all with her), if she is someone working with me i.e. under my power & a few more reasons

    6. Pride: What is a lion who is without pride. I AM and WILL ALWAYS BE a very proud person. However, that is my demeanor and not intended to make anyone else feel lesser i.e. I don't impose it unless I deem it necessary.

    7. Sloth: I indulge in this too. I need 7-8 hours of sleep. I even leave work if find the office doesn't need me being there to conduct / participate what they are doing. I go chill out even if the world is in frenzy around me & my contribution / aid in any way is not required ;) - there are tons of 'hard working' characters out there who think I'm lazy and shirk my work - YET they require me to be there lol

    A sin is a sin based on it's perception and utility, likewise is 'good'. too much of anything eitherway is a sin :D

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What Guys Said 22

  • Pride, I always feel like We should be proud of ourselves, so I'm very Prideful in general, not cocky but I'm ready to fight for my pride.

  • Deffinetly anger. Not that I am acting out negativly although I believe the feeling of anger may be somewhat bad for the mind and body. I'm guilty of lust and probably pride to some extents.

  • Pride.

  • we all have that sum in each mini or large quantities. mine would be Envy

  • sloth

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What Girls Said 24

  • Lust

  • I've got a bit of anger/wrath in me.

  • I'm thinking Wrath, although I like to keep a good balance of all seven in my daily life!

  • Lust it's not out of control

    Pride for certain things which make it conflicting

    Anger when constantly provoked or hurt and with myself

    Envy nope

    Gluttony nope except for pie lol

    Greed nope, I'm really compassionate and giving

    Sloth, at times when it comes to procrastination only

    • Lust I have a high sex drive but I am suppressing it... out of all those sins I think Sloth in dealing with procrastination for certain things is kinda most annoying for me

  • Either gluttony or sloth. I spend too much time on the things I like rather than being responsible enough to do what I should be doing. I'm too lazy.

    I'd say that pride is a close second, though.

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