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I don't know whether to comfort him or not?

I like this guy and we are close, but not dating. He's older than me by a fair bit, and our families have known each other for a very long... Show More

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  • It does make a lot of sense. Do go about comforting him but with logic not just caring words. If he is upset about how he is..point out his goodness to him.

    Tell him no man is perfect. Then advice him to do things which would help him be what he wants. DO KEEP IN MIND. COMFORT HIM WITH LOGIC NOT JUST MERE CARING WORDS.

    • Thanks, that's really good advice :)

    • u are welcome :)

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  • It doesn't matter if your families have know each other. What matters is how you feel about it. The one guy who makes fun of him probably sees that you don't like this and that other guy could be your guy. Yes just let him deal with his own stuff. Otherwise he will become dependent on you for emotional stability. This is a friend. A non-friend would be dependent and lead him down a path of less independence and it would be a mistake.

    • You mentioned what a friend and a non-friend would do, but what about a girlfriend? What would they do?

  • well just show concern for him. you know, ask him how it's going and how he's feeling you know? give him a hug, but don't kiss him. let him know that if he needs to talk that you're there as a friend if he needs anything. :)

  • Yeah you should comfort him.

    Just ask him "hey what's wrong" and start having a conversation.

    Try to make him laugh, nothing's better than having a friend to comfort someone who's feeling sad.

    But don't be scared of physical contact, you can give him a hug and stroke/pet/pat his back.

    • So ifI put my arm around his shoulder, is that considered too girlfriendish, or is it fine? Thanks for the advice by the way :)

    • Naaahhh that's cool, my girl friends do that :)

  • No, I don't think you should...the age diff. is too much

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