Guys/girls which one is better, civil engineering or mechanic engineer?

i want to know that what you think guys/girls,which on is better,and which one make more money?which is more interesting?

civil engineering is same engineer that build homes and things like metro or etc ,and mechanic engineer is that engineer that work in factories and somewhere like building cars or this stuff


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  • It really depends on your interests. Civil engineers are more into city planning and structural engineering, etc. Mechanical engineers have endless possibilities and generally make more money, however, with growing cities and green building, there will always be an endless need for civil engineers.

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  • Professor joked one day
    Civil = builds things
    Mechanical = blows thing up
    so I vote Civil

  • I say civil engineering that's what my boyfriends major is and I am sure they make money too. good luck!

  • I don't know much about the differences in duties, but a civil engineer will typically make less money than a mechanical engineer but jobs will be more available for a civil engineer.

  • mechanical engineer... my bro loves his job

  • Mechanical engineers generally make more money, and have more options. I'm not so sure about this, but I think marine/underwater tech engineers make more money than mechanical engineers...

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What Guys Said 12

  • mechanical engineering = $$$

    however, there's a reason why engineers are the most paid majors in a university. It's because engineering majors are the most difficult. There are a lot of engineer drop outs. Engineering is designed to filter out the weaklings. When you consider yourself to being an engineering student, you're inheriting a lifestyle. No partying, no women (very few), no time for anything. You have to be willing to give up sleep, food, relationships with family or friends, etc.

  • I don't know exactly what you mean by the word "better". Both majors are respectful, viable for a very long time, and have limitless possibilities in terms of job offers and money making. I am one semester away from becoming an Electrical Engineer (specialized in communication and networks) and as I went through this journey, I realized that engineering is tough and requires a lot of seriousness, assiduousness and hard work. If you are planning on selecting a major based on what people think is cooler or better, then my advice to you is to choose neither. However, if you were asking this just for the fun of it, then it sounds like you are comparing apples to oranges (forgive the cliche) as those two majors do NOT relate in almost any way.

    Keep well. :)

    • well I do like civil engineering but it doesn't mean I couldn't like mechanical engineering ,i did choose civil engineer in university but I could choose mechanic engineering too, I just want be sure I have choose right thing

  • Mechanical engineers build weapons. Civil engineers build targets.

    -I'm a mechanical engineer :)

  • Honestly any degree in engineering means that there is always going to be a demand for those type of people and your going to be making some serious cash wether it be civil, mechanical, aerospace, industrial, ext... I can tell you as a third year civil engineering student who has been blessed to have been lucky enough to intern for a few state/federal agencies (DOE, BLM, DOT) the pay difference between the two is not much. And really when it comes down to it depends on how well you perform your job if your mediocre your going to be paid mediocre same goes if your a superstar at the office your going to be paid like a superstar. True story my manager and friend for the DOE who himself is a civil engineer started off working for a local city agency making around 50,000+ starting he then made a name for himself and corporation/agencies are looking for stuff like that he then got a job offering for the DOE and quickly moved up the ranks to where he became the head honcho himself a federal project director making 250,000+ a year. So as I stated before it just depends on how well you perform your job. And which one is more interesting well that really is up to you to decide do some research and try to do some internships or co-ops that will help you out. Best of luck!

  • You do what interests you more; what would you rather build if money were no object?

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