Girls is in lust with my boyfriend, what to do?

There I a girl who I think might like my boyfriend. She only ever looks at him when with a group of friends. Her body is always turned towards him, and I noticed that she doesn't always hear other people, she seems just focused on him. Wtf? I'm 100% sure my boyfriend loves me and has no interest in her but it's annoying watching her do that. What can I do?


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  • If your boyfriend is not interested in this other girl, then what are you worried about? Do you trust your boyfriend?

    To be honest just ignore her, speak to your boyfriend about it and let him deal with it. The real issue here is about your insecurity dealing with other people, don't let it get to you, its all part of a relationship and building that trust.


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  • next time she's doing it you go up and start making out with him. then grill the sh*t out of her. "whatup bitch, this sh*t is all mine"

  • Just ignore her,dont talk about this situation to your boyfriend as it can make him think about her ,once he thinks about her that's it just stay with him and ignore her...


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  • Why should you do something? Could be you're interpreting her actions wrong. But if you are sure she's into your boyfriend, why should you do something? She knows he's taken, I hope she has some common sense to stay away from him flirtwise and your boyfriend loves you, isn't interested in her. I don't see anything you should do.

    • It's really annoying watching her do this in front of my eyes. What can I do to stop feeling like that? It's frustrating.

    • If it's annoying you that much, try to talk to her in private, tell her that you feel uncomfortable by her behavior towards her boyfriend but that you appreciate it that she's not flirting with him or making a move. But you would appreciate it if the non-verbal behavior towards him stopped.

  • I have been in your situation and the other girls situation. I would say the best thing to do is keep him close. If she starts to talk to him or you see that he gets distracted, ask him if there is anything going on. If you don't want to do that, just keep an eye on things, and if anything gets suspicious look into it further.