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Doesn't it suck when your computer runs slow?

Like I hate that. I want some bloody tales about how much it sucks. Satan comes in handy for these situations, so give it for Satan already.

*Give it up

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  • All I want to do to my laptop is flip the screen 360 degrees, break it and smash it to pieces because it's majorly f***ed up. But I'm broke so I can't do that. Companies should develop a bloody computer which lasts at least a few years dag nabbit.

    • i feel your anger

What Girls Said 6

  • Yes. Yes it does. ERICK!

    • wtf?!

  • i hate when this happens

  • Yes its really annoying -_-

    • but what about satan?

  • yea mine has a virus or something... too lazy to get it cleaned out...

  • yes. especially when I run dozens of chess engines at the same time but my computer is not multi-processors, has slow RAM, and few free space memory..

What Guys Said 5

  • Yeah, but only because I usually have 40 - 120 tabs open at once...

    Somebody help me.

  • No I have an apple and this thing never freezes well with the the money

  • What exactly is a computer

    • dr.phil! why are you wasting your time on this site?

  • I have a new laptop so I don't have that problem :)

  • Yeah. If it's temporary, I clean that bitch up in a hurry and tell it to never do that again. If it's permanent because of age, time to build another one or upgrade what you have.

    Computers are like horses: you love them and bond to yours, but if it gets a virus you don't hesitate to shoot it and replace it lol

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