Is a 23 year old too old for a 19 year old?

is a 23 year old guy to old for a 19 year old girl? Or should I find someone closer to my own age?


Most Helpful Girl

  • No not at all if it is not an issue for either of you. If you are compatable then it honeslty doesn't matter. My last boyfriend was 24 and I'm 18. Before him I dated a 29 year old. I know that seems ridiculous but it really is about who you click with and maturity levels.

    That being said you also need to think about the future too (this is only if you get serious). Because you must remember that you will always be younger. If you end up getting serious and stay together for a long time the age difference may become an issue in the sense that he may be ready for marriage and children when you aren't. But four years shouldn't be too bad so I wouldn't be concerned. It is just a side note for future reference if need be :)