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How do I fight for him?

It's been 8 days since I last heard from this guy I was talking too. He won't text me back :( We did have sex last time we seen each other. I just... Show More

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  • well bad news sweetie. he already got what he wanted from you. so now that you gave him some ass (which was exactly what he wanted), he has just simply bailed out of your life and doesn't want nothing more from you

    so I seriously don't understand why you want to fight for someone who used you for sex then disappears from your life. and you texting him nonstop like a sucker, yet he keeps dodging you

What Guys Said 6

  • Face to face. Be cool. Say you're still interested, and make sure he didn't lose his phone.

  • From the sounds of it, he was after the sex. Yes there are worthless f***ers out there that will do that, and give guys a bad rep. But I'd say move on from him. You'll find someone much better than him.

  • You don't want this guy back. He is an ass and you are ebtter off without him. let it go.

  • I hate to say this, but he may have only wanted you for a "one night stand" Hopefully that's not the case.

  • Don't make your self look desperate ...just find someone else he's not interested all he wanted was sex

What Girls Said 3

  • dont waste anymore time on him. seriously, just move on as hard as it is.

    if someone was interested in you they wouldn't let that much time to by.

  • What isnthe reason why he's not talking to you? What happened

  • Why fight for someone you never had , That's useless .

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