Is it stupid to buy a girl a gift even though we don't know each other that well oh and am in high school

Idk what to doi text her sometimes and ask her how she is or how her day was.


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  • Unless you get a $20+ per week income (allowance and/or job) it will just depress you when you graduate and she X-es you off her Facebook friend list. Then, the more you think about her in your college days, the more you'll turn yourself into GlenQuagmire of FamilyGuy. You gotta have gotten to know her PRETTY well before you do a big, heavy gift. Best thing to do for now is wait for Valentine's Day, get her a card, and THEN, now that you've gotten to KNOW her, you can take the next step. False-Teen-Love is pretty hilarious. Do you want something like that?


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  • That can look pretty scary to girls. If you're not too close, then I wouldn't give a gift. Just keep trying to get to know her. Use that money to take her out!

  • uh YES! it shows you really care and want her to feel special! :) so sweet!

    • wait... I mean do it. sorry :)

  • I wouldn't if I were you.. she might get freaked out.

  • you could scare her away, just get to know her first...

  • Ask her out on a date.


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  • Don't. I personally tried it. Buying your way into a girls heart never happens and I learned it the hard way. Think about it. Do you really think Brad Pitt in Fight Club buys things for girls? What about Leonardo DiCapprio in Catch Me if You Can? How about Tom Cruise in Top Gun?

    These guys would never do "sucker" things like buying girls gifts but all the girls want to sleep with them.

    You can buy your girlfriend things once you're official and have spent lots of time with each other. But you owe nothing to girls you don't know. Don't be a sucker.

  • How about asking her out first?

    A simple stroll around or nearby school is good enough.

    After hanging out, then you can give gift.

  • Stop being a p**** and ask her out. When I was a senior in high school I waited too long to ask this girl out and it turned out another guy asked her out the day before I did. I lost one of the good ones man.