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Meanest thing you've ever told someone?

What the worst thing you've ever done or said to someone?

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  • I say the least mean things from people I know. But there was one incident. Makes me a little disgusted at myself to even recall but I will let it out nonetheless.

    My mom was being scolding me and I got into an argument with her, after which I asked her to remove that 'ugly face' away from my sight and die. Her angered expression immediately changed and she seemed shocked and genuinely hurt, because I have never said something as horrible to anyone before let alone her.

    I stood there frozen, and I couldn't believe I said that to her. I couldn't have ever imagined saying something like that to anyone.

    I was too angry to apologize, but she was sitting on her bed knitting later at night, I went into her room, told her I didn't mean it and I was extremely sorry. She held me in her arms and I suddenly found myself burst into tears. I was a little surprised at myself, but I guess since I did, I was really reallly ashamed of myself. And it's true. No one deserves to be called ugly and made feel unwanted -ESPECIALLY not your mother.

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  • Probably when I told a girl I could no longer slap both her cheeks with one smack of my hand, because she had gained too much weight.

  • I once put a noose round a guys neck with him not knowing it wasn't tied to anything, put him outside of a LOW window and pushed him out, before he hit the floor and had realized the noose was not tied to anything, the poor guy had soiled himself and pissed him self, which after I had realized a prank had gone to far, but these were my younger schooling days and a lot has been learnt since then lol,x

  • ive always been generally a soft spoken person. usually only bark at people who provoke me. besides that iam not a bully, I don't randomly go around insulting people which has happened to me ALOT

  • Don't you wish, you were me!

  • My mate and I were making racial stereotype jokes (he started it lol), anyway he said something about Asians and I bought up the "black fathers running out on their families" stereotype, forgetting the fact that his dad actually ran out on him. He looked sad and threw popcorn at me. I felt pretty bad lol

  • This girl who wasn't that great looking showed an interest in me. I NEVER got attention from girls at that age (11) and the way I handled it was saying it was never going to happen

  • Don't remember any exact things..

    You just have to strike the right nerve (usually just telling the truth).

    • women are just as physical as men its not accepted for women to talk about sex lots of girls masturbate but few admit it whereas guys talk about it and admit it to each other.

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    • Lol what does horny girls have to do with what I said?

    • What am I saying... I don't care where horny girls came from, it's all good.

  • I told my father I wanted to die because of him. Regretted it since I said it, but I've let it go too.

  • told my brother to crawl back inside his mother and forget he was born. But to be honest that's just the kind of banter we have

  • I have called a cancer patient a bald headed bitch and I have always felt like sh*t for saying that to her. I never got the chance to apologize because I never saw her again. But you should never say something that hurts people because you always regret it later on.

    • What the? Why would you insult a cancer patient?

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    • Can regret sh*t like that, but in general I don't give a f*** if I tell someone off..

    • yeah but it is messed up to say that to a sick person who needs all the positive feed back she can get.

  • A break up with my ex :/

  • i dnt remeber but I never went out of the line to be too mean ...its like I will use foul language in extreme case but most recent one I said was ...'Hey You,Dnt give me that look,I own your ass"

  • "if I needed your advice I'd probably throw myself off a building first"

  • Lose some weight B*tch ...

  • I've said plenty of evil sh*t. Too hard to remember honestly.

  • Told a girl indirectly that it was a waste of time to pay so much for the private school and end up going to a community college.

  • I told my own mother that if she died today, I'm not sure I would be at her funeral. My relationship with her is extremely strained and has been for a long time. We rarely talk anymore and every time we're together, the risk for confrontation is extremely high. I wish our relationship was different, but it takes two people to solve such a problem. If it's one-sided, the same issues will recur again and again.

  • the truth...

  • I've done/said a lot of bad things.

    I guess the worst thing would be making fun of a disabled person.

    I was only 12 or something at the time but still that doesn't make it right and honestly can't believe how something like that could come out of my mouth.

    • As long as you still remember and regret it, and more importantly -understand it's not a good thing and you need to get rid of the habit. That's what counts.

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  • "You're so stupid, you can't do anything right why can't you be like everybody else and stop being such a f*cking weirdo all the time, I hate you, you make everybody go away because you're so f***ed up you're a freak" That's probably one of the meanest things I've ever said, and I was saying it to myself.

  • Calling someone a two-faced backstabbing desperate bitch who didn't deserve happiness.

  • One time I went into my sisters room and ripped off all the heads of her beloved barbies.. needless to say she didn't play with anymore barbies.

    • that's just... AWESOME!

    • : )

  • A few times I've told my older brother that I wished he was dead and wanted a "better" brother. That's really the lowest a person can ever go and I feel terrible about it. Even though me and my brother argue and fight a lot, at the end of the day, I love him so much, that if I ever lost him I really don't know what I'd do. It was kind of a spur of the moment kind of thing and it just came out. I was pissed off. But really that's not an excuse to say something like that. I regret it a lot. If I ever lost him, I sure as hell wouldn't want that to be the last thing I said to him

  • " you need to kill yourself. But before you do, go buy a life insurance and put me as your beneficiary "

    • She doesn't deserve dislikes for being honest you guys.

    • @Alimahadtheman. Thank you! I never understood why the down votes . I simply am answering a question. Is it that one doesn't like the question or that he can't deal with the reality behind it?

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