Meanest thing you've ever told someone?

What the worst thing you've ever done or said to someone?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I say the least mean things from people I know. But there was one incident. Makes me a little disgusted at myself to even recall but I will let it out nonetheless.

    My mom was being scolding me and I got into an argument with her, after which I asked her to remove that 'ugly face' away from my sight and die. Her angered expression immediately changed and she seemed shocked and genuinely hurt, because I have never said something as horrible to anyone before let alone her.

    I stood there frozen, and I couldn't believe I said that to her. I couldn't have ever imagined saying something like that to anyone.

    I was too angry to apologize, but she was sitting on her bed knitting later at night, I went into her room, told her I didn't mean it and I was extremely sorry. She held me in her arms and I suddenly found myself burst into tears. I was a little surprised at myself, but I guess since I did, I was really reallly ashamed of myself. And it's true. No one deserves to be called ugly and made feel unwanted -ESPECIALLY not your mother.