Ok I need help writting a message for a girl that I barely know?

Ok long story short, there is this girl that I met a long time ago, I like her, but she is like weird, shy and likes to play hard to get and which made it very difficult for me to talk to her. At the end I think she likes me because she likes to stare at me and she has actually physically move to be closer to me.

Anyhow I added her but she didn't accept me and I couldn't write her a message because of the settings. But a couples of day ago, that feature is now open! so I can finally send her a message. It has been a while, but I like her too much so I haven't forget her, so I want to talk to her.

What should I write her?

how should I do it without looking creepy?


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  • hey long time no see! hows everything going? hope all is well with you how are u?

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  • You could start with "Hey, how are you?"

    • is that it? its been a while since the last I talked to her, I though a deeper conversation was more appropiate

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    • ok what if she doesn't answer

    • Then she doesn't feel like talking to you.

  • "Hey, how are you?" Remember when we hung out? or, anything like that. Don't come on too strong.

    Good Luck!

  • Dude, it sounds like she isn`t interested in you and that you mis-read something to look like she was moving closer to you. Even if she did, it doesn`t necessarily mean she likes you...

    I advice that you back down and see how she responds to that. If she opens up when you back down, then she probably DOES like you.

    • then what does actually standing up from her chair changing spots with her friend and then coming closer to me and sitting right beside me means to you?

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    • lol I am talking about like apologzing for being a jerk and to hopefully make things up

    • And what is it you did to her that might have made you a jerk?

  • Well maybe if you're in the same school say hey and ask for some notes from one of your classes,even if you don't need them its a good way to start a convo like OK thx for the notes, how are you by the way?

    • i can't do that anymore :( we don't take anything together anymore, Facebook is the only way I can do this

  • do you know where she lives (town) try to run into her and see if you can talk to her in person first, or at least make eye contact see if she reacts to seeing u

    then Facebook her like hey it was great running into you today, how are u? I miss the old times...

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