Would you get annoyed if your girlfriend always talked about babies?

Hi well I'm guilty of always talking about babies to my boyfriend of 2 years And I've tried to stop but I always end up talking about it. Even if it's just awwww babe look at the baby!

So Should I stop talking about babies until we have one in about 5 years?

I know sometimes it annoys him which I can't blame him :/

Yeah true, I decided I'm gonna try harder not to talk about about it cause it's true when anyone talks about the same thing it gets annoying.

Thanks guys for your answer


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  • Aww look at the baby seems fair enough. That's a natural reaction...

    my girlfriend talks about it a ton. to some extent I don't mind because it means that she really feels very serious about me and that is a good thing. at some point though it does just become burdensome and it makes the guy feel like is that all there is. Plus it can be a lot of pressure. Especially at your age (under 18?) I'm surprised a guy would stick around that long if you talk about babies as much as you say you do.

    Your position is clear. You want babies. You've made that clear and he should know that is your end game. So dial back talking about it so much or you could scare him away.


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  • I'd be suspect about coming inside without a rubber.

  • Not only would I get annoyed, I would start my exit strategy from the relationship. I can't understand why women try to domesticate their men before they're ready.

    The best way to get and keep a man is to give him enough rope to hang himself. He has to feel "free" around and with you. Not like he's already fully committed to mortgage, kids, and retirement.

  • If your boyfriend stopped talking about sex would you believe he didn't want it? Remember girls , you ain't daft and neither are we lol

    It's fine to want babies and find them cute etc. I actually find that attractive in a woman. The only thing you want to avoid us your boyfriend feeling like you are pressuring him into having kids. If you can avoid that you can cuddle as many babies as you like.

  • If someone always talks about the same thing, I will get annoyed. That's not really surprising, is it?

  • Yes, I probably would...

    Especially if we weren't married.


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