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Why do girls hate big egos?

I have a huge ego and like to brag and I can tell girls HATE IT.

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  • Well stop acting like an A hole. You either do it because your copensating for something else, that you feel like you lack. Or maybe your an only child so you've always been treated like you are the sh*t. big egos and bragging is funny ( in a good way) in small portions, however if it truly is your personality, then f*** all the girls who get pissed of, I'm sure there someone just like you, whoho you can share you bragging ness with :)

What Girls Said 5

  • No one likes a big ego.! It's annoying! Really annoying! Be proud for doing right things BUT DON'T BE ANNOIYING ABOUT IT! Jeez!

  • It's f***ing annoying and obnoxious. No one wants to hear about the material things you have or all of the "amazing" things you claim to be or have done. Get over yourself

  • Because big egos are annoying. Simple as that.

  • Because it's like you are majorly over compensating for something.

What Guys Said 3

  • Girls? No one can stand inflated egos. And the most successful, genuine, talented people out there who truly lead don't have one. The ones who do don't last very long either.

    It basically makes you look like an a-hole. Even if you're not. I have seen relationships end up in disasters where especially the guy has such an issue.

  • Nobody likes a big ego. Mellow it out.

  • Because big egos and bragging constantly are the trademark signs of a class A a**hole.

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