Have you ever gotten back with an ex?

Did it work out or end badly? Would you ever date an ex again?


Most Helpful Guy

  • No, I only briefly tried with one ex but that was only because we still loved each other. We just broke up because of distance. So we still spoke. She just didn't want to do long distance so we never got back together.

    Every other ex I stay away from. Let's just say we broke up for a reason.

    I also try to actively cut ties with my ex's. 99% of the time getting back together doesn't work out, unless it was HONESTLY due to outside circumstances. Like maybe he had to move for work, but not a year later he's back. The problem is everyone likes to use less personal reasons such as this as an excuse for the break up so as not to hurt the other person's feelings as much. This is why I always advise people to be honest during break ups. When you aren't, it will cause that person to hold out hope and not leave you alone. If you really think they are a bitch/a**hole say so, don't give some BS excuse like "I don't have time for a relationship right now".