Why are girls not confident to talk on the phone?

Girls refuse to talk on the phone, only text. I refuse to text with a girl because I would rather hear her voice in real time. That adds a sense of magic to the conversation. Women's voices are so beautiful and melodious. Why do they lack the confidence to talk on the phone?


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  • I would prefear to talk to you in person. even if I can hear your voice it's still not real because I don't get a good enough sense of who you are if your not sitting next to me, plus as a 90's girl I always used to play outside and talk to the friends I had, I didn't use phones to talk I just went out and spoke to them in person and played outside and to this day I still prefear to talk in person, so don't refuse to text her just because you like talking on the phone that's jut plane rude, I talked to a guy on the internet once who didn't believe me when I told him my microphone doesn't work, (it really doesn't) and he still kept saying he's not even gonna type to me if I don't go on the microphone WHICH IS BROKEN! he used to annoy me so much... and now and then he comes back to try and wind me up, so if I were you instead of refusing to text her compromise with her. text her and why not ask if she wants to meet up some where in public?, but don't refuse to text her because we can't all be like you who like chatting on the phone, just remember that not everyone is the same and doesn't always like the things you do, like is about compromise.


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  • Talking to people I don't know on the phone is just weird to me.I prefer texting or talking to in person.

  • Why are girls not confident to talk on the phone?

    Seems less like gals aren't confident to to talk on the phone and more like gals don't want to talk to you on the phone. Perhaps it's you're not that interesting so they divide their attention so they don't want to talk on the phone because it's easier to multi-task when texting rather than speaking.

  • Uh, maybe you're just talking to shy girls. lol. Plus sometimes it may be awkward if there is more than a few min of silence. Some people can't stand silence for some reason o_O? hahahhaa. anyway, hope it helps ^_^

  • I think it's the generation. It's easier to be rejected/have anything bad happen when it's via text rather than in real life. When I call some of my friends, they think something is wrong...Nope, I just wanted to call because it's easier sometimes...

  • Because I'd rather talk to him in person.

    I don't like to call people unless I have urgent/big news.

    If I'm bored and just wanna be like "hey, sup" I prefer to text or hang out in person to avoid awkward silence.

  • i hate phones but its not because I'm insecure. it just bores me, id rather see the person face to face, or text where at least I can actually think about what's being said.,

    phone is the worst of all words. you can't see the facial expressions, nor can you reflect on the words being used. id rather talk in person, or text. biut id never say ill talk or phone you if I don't intend to. that's just lousy character.

  • That is great you prefer talking rather than texting. I think its just easier to hide behind texts plus people are so accustomed to it that they aren't used to just talking freely.

  • thats strange... I prefer talking

  • I just hate talking on the phone to anyone, either text or talk in person

  • Because texting means she can word her responses perfectly, if it doesn't sound the way you want it to sound you can delete it and start over. You can't do this over the phone, once words are spoken that's it, it can't be undone. For the most part they don't want to say something and then feel stupid for saying.

  • Maybe she's a shy girl ? I know that because I'm like those girls , I would text better than I talk , & I would even start a conversation and make joke and just be me , but on the phone with someone I don't really call that much , I'm not that good :)

  • It's a different day and age

  • Awkward silent moments.

  • Like the time to think up a good answer. Avoid awkward pauses. Can switch the topic more easily over text than over phone.


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  • Ok - speaking from experience, I would have to say, women love to chat and yes on the phone. It is not based on confidence as it is just a voice call. They speak with those they choose to, and yes my friend she chooses not to with you.

    She may be in a relationship and can not talk in front of the other, who knows, who cares. If it has been a few weeks already of getting to know one another and she still does not want to, then you need to come to the real understanding.

    We have all been there, including me. Yes it is confusing, yes it boggles the mind, yes we can not stop thinking about it.

    So to avoid future interruptions to your heart, move on. Just say it nicely, that you need to have a friendship with a person other than a text.

    Good luck..

  • Good morning & a happy 2013 to you and all :)

    There could be various reasons. Though your question sounds generic it factually may not be so but my experience is that women prefer more of talking over the phone or in person than texting. Again it depends on situations and factors. However, this certainly has nothing or little to do with confidence

    1. She may be in a relationship with someone and he/she may be around

    2. Texts are masked even in itemized bills with a generic centre number by lot of services providers while a call shows specific numbers called and received (in case of post paid number)

    3. Could be a personal choice

    4. She has a particular image of someone (could be ficticious or fantasy too) while texting someone (you in this case) while imagining it to be the other

    5. She may have a family or a surrounding that is nosy of sorts

    6. She has a job or any such thing which is of a nature that doesn't allow her to talk but can text (I do that while in meetings)

    7. She's had bad experiences with phone chats / personal interactions

    8. She's trying you out (a woman's priviledge) to see if you fit the bill (for whatever) and wants to avoid verbal conversations till she doesn't decide

    9. She may be texting multiple friends, using FB etc at the same time that doesn't allow the liberty of conversation with one while the others wait (doesn't mean she's the cheating kind etc - just one with a bunch of friends)

    10. She may be addicted to texting, online chats etc that keeps her fingers occupied :D

    11. etc

  • A woman that can't have a conversation is Garbage if you ask me. Imagine that you can't have a conversation with her now. You invite her to an expensive restaurant. You start the conversation and the first thing she say" oh sorry I got a TEXT". I would first tell her it's Anti-social to text while trying to make a conversation and then. Get up and leave her at the restaurant.

    (RAGE MODE).

  • Guys refuse to text on the phone, only call. I refuse to call a girl because I would rather see her voice in fake time. That lessens a sense of awkwardness to the conversation with a stranger. Wanna trade?

  • Yeah I don't understand it either... I find it extremely hypocritical too...

    Men are visual creatures, women are auditory creatures - they LOVE hearing a man's voice, and yet, they would rather look at stupid words on a text screen... I also think that women like time to really soak and think about what to say next.

    I myself am really considering getting rid of my text message options...