Why are girls not confident to talk on the phone?

Girls refuse to talk on the phone, only text. I refuse to text with a girl because I would rather hear her voice in real time. That adds a sense of magic to the conversation. Women's voices are so beautiful and melodious. Why do they lack the confidence to talk on the phone?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I would prefear to talk to you in person. even if I can hear your voice it's still not real because I don't get a good enough sense of who you are if your not sitting next to me, plus as a 90's girl I always used to play outside and talk to the friends I had, I didn't use phones to talk I just went out and spoke to them in person and played outside and to this day I still prefear to talk in person, so don't refuse to text her just because you like talking on the phone that's jut plane rude, I talked to a guy on the internet once who didn't believe me when I told him my microphone doesn't work, (it really doesn't) and he still kept saying he's not even gonna type to me if I don't go on the microphone WHICH IS BROKEN! he used to annoy me so much... and now and then he comes back to try and wind me up, so if I were you instead of refusing to text her compromise with her. text her and why not ask if she wants to meet up some where in public?, but don't refuse to text her because we can't all be like you who like chatting on the phone, just remember that not everyone is the same and doesn't always like the things you do, like is about compromise.