What does "sorry despite myself" mean?

Hi, my English is not very good, and I would like to know what that friend meant when he wrote to me "I'm sorry despite myself."

Does that mean he says sorry but doesn't really know what for, or does that mean he is very sorry for what he knows he has done?



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  • That phrase is poor English, so you can't be blamed for struggling with it.

    He's trying to say that he's sorry, and that he knows he made a mistake, and that he knew from the beginning that he was making a mistake, but he did it anyway, because even though it was a mistake, it was what he wanted to do at the time.

    • mm thank you that would sound exactly like him to mean that !

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  • "Despite myself" is not a common phrase in English, at least not in American English. It means to do something you don't want to, or would not normally do, but you do it anyway.

    For example:

    If it's not normal for me to eat 5 pizzas and get sick, but I did it anyway for some reason, then I ate them despite myself.

    The full phrase "I'm sorry despite myself" is not something I've heard before. I don't know the full context so it's hard to guess.

    "Despite myself" might refer to saying he's sorry, or the thing he's sorry about.

    Probably best to just ask him.

    • thank you, yes I would ask him but I'm very cross with him so I'm ignoring him...especially now that it seems like they're just fake apologies :)

    • I hope you don't place too much weight on the answers here. Only you know him and the context well enough to guess what he means...at least I hope that's what you're doing rather than assuming they are fake based on what you read here. :) It's a hard thing to describe and it's very context sensitive.

    • I don't only base myself on answers from you guys, but it kind of confirm that it wasn't only down to English not being my first language :) it's just very like him to avoid saying things clearly, and in this case he hopes I'll answer him if it seems that he apologized; it just hurts his pride to be ignored I think.

  • This just means that the person using this has a low knowledge of English.

  • It means : I am doing something because of better judgement, not because I want to.

    Like I really love ice cream but it makes me fat. I'm sorry I can't have any despite myself wanting some.

  • It comes from / is the same as:

    "in spite of oneself"

    To 'spite yourself' means to do something that hurts you.

    Usually used to mean you do something you do not believe you should do.

  • I've never really heard that phrase used stateside. I would say it means "despite my own doubts."

    Where are you from?

    • I live in England :)

    • But originally, if your English isn't very good?

  • It is a fake sorry

  • It means being compelled to an action when before you were against it.

    Initially, it seems he's saying sorry even though he doesn't really think he is.


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  • he doesn't really seem to make much sense, but English is my first language and I am assuming that he means "sorry because of me".