What do you think of leather shorts? What would you wear with them?

What do you think of leather shorts? What would you wear with them? link


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  • Though I'm not a leather person, I think leather shorts when worn on the right body and / or combination of clothes sure do look awesome.It depends on the mood / location where you wear it at/to. However, it can be something that is made to look erotic / sensual, casual and even quite a bit of Friday wear.1. A nice sleeveless vest / top2. A top and jacket3. A cardigan if the combination is correct4. Halter top5. etcBut it sure can look great if and when worn correctly :D

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  • Jean shorts are much better

  • Love them with high heels or boots on a girl that has a nice pair of legs. It's so sexy!

  • Yoou have to be in super good shape, and not too curvy, to bring off this choice. But if you have the body for it, guys will be stunned into silence when they see you.

  • FIT, go for it with some sort of light mateiral blouse

    • FIT?

  • Don't like them much.. Cargo shorts are my favorite and then denim I guess

  • Meh not bad. Jean shorts are hot.

  • a shirt

    • a cloth garment for the upper body.

    • ...lol, say whaaat?

  • Black ones are okay.

  • Suspenders, long wool socks, hiking boots and a Tyrolean hat.And a pin commemorating Oktoberfest.

  • They'd look good in the bedroom ;p

  • Autumn/Winter, I don't bloody think so.. I go out in a t-shirt and get weird looks in winter, can only imagine a girl in those XD Would probably look cute, I don't see any issue with a girl in jeans tho.

  • I think these would look cute on girls. I don't really see guys wearing leather shorts or pants.

  • I usually go shirtless when I wear my leather short shorts.

  • Depends on your style. They would look good with a short sleeve denim jacket and a tank top. Or even a brightly colored plaid button up

  • I think leather pants look better

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  • Maybe the black ones

  • Nope not for me unless I wear tights,I don't like to show my legs with even regular jean shorts

  • I think they look cute, but are impractical. I feel like you would get really sweaty in them and they would stick to you.

  • Nah, I've never liked that styleIt's tacky and for some reason the girls I've seen wear them shouldn't have been. No hips and no ass or too much blubber.It's never been a good look and I'm glad that sh*t is outta style

    • lol!

  • I'm looking for a pair to wear clubbing, reeeeally like them.

    • Meh, I'm chill.

    • lol seriously chill, stop acting like I accused you of something hainous :P

    • Tbh, you're hyper sensitivity is a f***ing pain in the ass and maybe you think you're checking the situation but you're ust annoying and tempting me to utilize that block button. You were the only one who flat out said you were looking for a pair so I just wondered.

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  • LOVE them. Super cute with flowy blouses/tops. link

  • The black ones are cool. Just wear it with a simple black shirt

  • I thought the link would be of something slutty, but those actually look really cute. With the brown ones I would pair a floral top (preferably in pink or aqua) and with the black ones, I would wear a red top with either a black leather or denim vest and a long, clunky necklace.

  • They really look good and fashionable...I would just avoid them in the summer time and when you have to do a lot on moving around.

  • I think they can look really cute depending how you dress it up and style it.

  • I'm sure they can be cute paired with the right things. I wouldn't wear them though. They aren't really my style, and I don't think I could pull them off.

  • Super cute. Definitely have a high-end, expensive look to them, even if you get them at a thrift store or a cheap shop online. I'd probably wear them with a pair of one-color pumps, with no ankle strap or anything to show off the legs and make 'em look super long. On top, I think a super bright patterned shirt would look great, especially one that ties in the front.Leather shorts definitely give you the excuse to wear crazy jewelry, like thick chain necklaces or really dangly earrings. Fedoras, if you're into them, also look super great. :)

  • Yeah, they are super cute!