There is a huge debate so I thought I'd settle it once and for all. which is better: boobs or bum?

Which do you guys prefer? And you can't say both! I'm just curious as to which one you like best.


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  • In order to answer questions like these I look at extremes to make my decision I.e big boobs and no ass vs big butt and no boobs.


    Interestingly enough in my preteens and teens boobs won hands down, but since I started. Being sexually active in my late teens till today a great butt has become more important than great breasts to me

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  • i love them both!


  • I do love both, and really everything about a girl! I'd rather take smaller boobs and a bigger ass then big boobs with no ass. But I really like BOTH!


  • Is there another option? I am a leg man myself

  • i wouldn't classify this as a debate, but more a personal preference thing. I am in the but camp though.

  • Boobs always been a boob guy. The ass doesn't do anything for me, although I do glance at a girl who may have a nice ass once in a while lol.

  • If I can't say both..

    Then I'd have to say bum!

    Just because it gets my imagination going more so than boobies.

  • Boobs. C and D cup are the best size.

  • Boobs for sure, but I like them smaller, like a B because they are firm and don't sag as much.

  • legs

    Which I guess is closest to bum, so that means I vote bum maybe?

  • Butt.

    I could go without boobs or very small boobs, but no ass is such a miss...

  • I like them both but I like boobs better.

  • Ass!

  • both are attractive, I'm more of a boobs guy but if the girl is flat and has a nice bum I'd still tap that. In any case if you really like a girl none of that really matters.

  • Some girls have amazing boobies and other girls have amazing butts so ill take one or the other ;p

  • I am a thigh man. I seriously don't care about boobs and I don't care about ass-as long as it is not fat.

  • I'd have to say butt. I generally find all boobs attractive because I'm not that picky but a nice butt is just really nice lol ;p

  • It's the entire package tbh, at least for myself. A girl can have a cute face, and whether she's smaller or bigger, if I like her, I'll like everything. But, I like big butt.

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  • i don't see the fascination with bums at all,i think they are strange looking in all I would go with boobs.

  • I too think it depends on the person haha!

  • I believe it depends on the person. Some are ass men and others are boobs. XD

    • Just how small have you had before.

      What's this stream .

    • XD lol dork. hahahha. As long as the stream is flowing you don't care =P JB

    • Of course it depends on the person JG. However, if I love u, then I can overlook flaws such as big boobs. <3

  • Does it not have to be boobs as guys have a butt of their own. Which is shame because mine are tiny tho you look like you own a nice pair lucky u

    • It's ass for me and for many others.