Do you say hateful things easily?

It's all in the question. So do you say hateful things easily? Even if you don't really hate the person you are saying it to, but because you are irritated because of the person or something, you end up saying something really hateful or offensive. How often does that happen?

I know a few guys who get hateful real easily and it seems that nowadays that some guys are real quick to call women whores, sluts, bitches etc. and some girls are quick to call men jerks, a**holes, p****** etc.

As for myself, I don't usually say those types of things about others, but that maybe just because I usually take out my anger and irritation by physical means, going for a jog or working out in the gym.


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  • It's fairly easy for me to *think* hateful things, but it really takes a lot for me to actually say them.

    Some people offer insults, like the ones you mentioned, out of hurt. They get angry because they're in pain - so they lash out. It all has to do with emotion. People do a lot of crazy things when their judgment is being clouded by strong emotions.

    The people I have no patience for are those that mean, not out of emotion, but out of joy. Some people are genuinely delighted to make others feel bad. It can sometimes come from a life of being in that kind of environment themselves, but sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes, people just like it, which worries me a bit.

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      Thank you for answering.