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Do you like this purse?


I bought it a while ago, and I'm not sure if I should sell it or not.

Most Helpful Opinion

  • Not my style - doesn't go with any of my outfits.

    Seriously, looks nice to me but I'm not a good judge of purses.

What Guys Said 6

  • I think it's way overdone. It won't go with many things, and detracts from most looks..

    Sell it!

  • i do not understand the obsession with fashion trinkets

  • So I"m a guy, but the purse seems to me like it has some potential with proper clothing. The purse on itself doesn't seem like 'wow'.

  • Its okay. Not somethen id call a keeper

  • It looks nice. If I saw a woman walking down the street with that, I would definitely snatch it. I give it high marks.

What Girls Said 8

  • I love it. I've always had a thing for Guess handbags.

  • I think its cute :) if you never use it, you bought it, and if it does not have any sentimental value, then you should sell it.

  • Not my style

  • It's not my style at all, I'd sell it right away ^^ I'm not a big fan of leather, or huge brands anyway...

    I depends if you're using it or not. If you're not, you can probably sell it :)

  • I like it but I don't really like the buckle. If you never use it and it just takes up space, then try to sell it for as much as you can. I probably should do the same with some of my purses :p

  • Nope I don't like it. If it still in good condition then yeah you can sell it. Other girls might like it.

  • not my fashion

  • no

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