Why do people eat like the way they do?

Seriously, they're are some foods that is more deadlier then smoking 3 packs of cigarettes a day. Package foods with tons of poisons and toxins that creates so much inflammation in your body. It puts you in a poor mood, and makes you feel like sh*t! Is eating a chocolate chip cookie to satisfy a craving worth feeling like sh*t? I mean its only a craving and in 2 seconds you stop releasing the endorphin's that make you crave that sugar. Did you know that your brain does not know the difference from thought to reality? You can be eating a cookie, but I can think of how that cookie taste like, and my brain knows no different. Their, I just ate a cookie without actually eating one!

What are Hydrogenated Oils? They come in most process foods. Technically when you eat anything the main purpose is for active enzymes to nourish the cells in your body. Hydrogenated oils were once normal oils that have been heated to about 900 degrees and then stuck with a toxic metallic alloyed(usually nickel), that binds hydrogen atoms to it's compound post. This makes the food your eating have more shelf life. Technically because it's a dead food that has no active enzymes. When you eat this
substance it reverses the the main purpose function of your cells. Your cells needs to be nourished with nutrients, the expunge its waist. Healthy fats guides these processes and keeps pathogens and toxins from entering the cells. When you eat hydrogenated oils, it prevents your cells from being nourished by nutrients, stops the cell from eliminating waist, and allows pathogens and toxins to enter the cells in your body!


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  • Lack of knowledge or just don't really think about or just don't care but either way preaching to people about how they live their lives isn't going to make them change, it has exactly the opposite affect.

    To me it seems those raised in the country with animals are a lot more aware than those raised in urban areas. Anything we ate as kids came from our backyard, meat, vegetables, fruit but we were still given pizza, fries etc once in a while and its still the same for me and my s.o now. People go for convenience and honestly believe cooking a dinner from scratch takes too long. When I was a kid I never went to McDonalds, ever, now people go daily. All you can try to do is encourage those around you to try fresh produce but its a lot more expensive when you have to buy it. I'm lucky I live in the country, have the space for a vegetable garden, my father keeps sheep and grows practically everything, my fiances father is a beef farmer so what we eat is readily available and free which is not the case when you live in an urban area.

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      Well done! I like girls that know how to eat, this is a plus!

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      If the anti nutrients from grains and legumes does not effect you, which is very unlikely, it's still a unnecessary staple because its almost like consuming empty calories with a carb count that will take your body time to burn off. It's empty calories because you don't really absorb any the nutrients it offers anyways!

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      And off you go again, you just don't get it do you. So let me put it this way. Why oh why would anybody take advice off you. You are qualified in what? You didn't even know the difference between a nutritionist and a dietician. Yet you act like a know-it-all, are ignorant to others