Why do people eat like the way they do?

Seriously, they're are some foods that is more deadlier then smoking 3 packs of cigarettes a day. Package foods with tons of poisons and toxins that creates so much inflammation in your body. It puts you in a poor mood, and makes you feel like sh*t! Is eating a chocolate chip cookie to satisfy a craving worth feeling like sh*t? I mean its only a craving and in 2 seconds you stop releasing the endorphin's that make you crave that sugar. Did you know that your brain does not know the difference from thought to reality? You can be eating a cookie, but I can think of how that cookie taste like, and my brain knows no different. Their, I just ate a cookie without actually eating one!

What are Hydrogenated Oils? They come in most process foods. Technically when you eat anything the main purpose is for active enzymes to nourish the cells in your body. Hydrogenated oils were once normal oils that have been heated to about 900 degrees and then stuck with a toxic metallic alloyed(usually nickel), that binds hydrogen atoms to it's compound post. This makes the food your eating have more shelf life. Technically because it's a dead food that has no active enzymes. When you eat this
substance it reverses the the main purpose function of your cells. Your cells needs to be nourished with nutrients, the expunge its waist. Healthy fats guides these processes and keeps pathogens and toxins from entering the cells. When you eat hydrogenated oils, it prevents your cells from being nourished by nutrients, stops the cell from eliminating waist, and allows pathogens and toxins to enter the cells in your body!

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  • Lack of knowledge or just don't really think about or just don't care but either way preaching to people about how they live their lives isn't going to make them change, it has exactly the opposite affect.

    To me it seems those raised in the country with animals are a lot more aware than those raised in urban areas. Anything we ate as kids came from our backyard, meat, vegetables, fruit but we were still given pizza, fries etc once in a while and its still the same for me and my s.o now. People go for convenience and honestly believe cooking a dinner from scratch takes too long. When I was a kid I never went to McDonalds, ever, now people go daily. All you can try to do is encourage those around you to try fresh produce but its a lot more expensive when you have to buy it. I'm lucky I live in the country, have the space for a vegetable garden, my father keeps sheep and grows practically everything, my fiances father is a beef farmer so what we eat is readily available and free which is not the case when you live in an urban area.

    • And off you go again, you just don't get it do you. So let me put it this way. Why oh why would anybody take advice off you. You are qualified in what? You didn't even know the difference between a nutritionist and a dietician. Yet you act like a know-it-all, are ignorant to others

    • If the anti nutrients from grains and legumes does not effect you, which is very unlikely, it's still a unnecessary staple because its almost like consuming empty calories with a carb count that will take your body time to burn off. It's empty calories because you don't really absorb any the nutrients it offers anyways!

    • I think you have to go on what works for you, not everyone's?chemistry?is the same. ?Knowing how your body works best is the smartest way to determine your own healthy eating plan. Many people are coeliac and don't even realize it, even a blood test for same can give a false negative. All you can do is listen to your body and watch for symptoms, like you did and then cut out what it make be, be that grain or dairy etc

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  • Ok so I see someone wants to show off their new bio chem studies lol. Anyway along with food having these bad additives you do know these same additives are also used to make the unhealthy foods taste good. Then once you've tried it and liked it it's an addiction. Designed to make your body want them a lot and make you go through a type of withdrawl to once again make your body feel the need to want the unleathy goodness again. We all know at least once in our lives it's hard to beat an addiction. Also the images you are assaulted with everyday and some people may not even care. Even though I'm a vegetarian and buy organic whatever it is all the time I'm pretty sure you will see me want a McDonalds fry maybe a nugget one day and I know how vile those things are but I'll still want the fries and eat them. The only difference is I know what I need to eat to re-adjust my body.

    • You know about them chem trails too? Wow, I'm surprised, not a lot of people people know about them and I'am not talking about contrails. I'm talking about the government testing chemical warfare on our own people, right here in this country!

    • Although these things are scary I agree all we can do is eat as healthy as possible and have people become more aware not consuming so much processed food. And also it depends on the person or people if they want to change their habits as well.

    • Like I did say you're not the only bio chem major so I'm pretty sure I understand it perfectly but I don't think you see the nutrionist and psychological make up that goes into it to. Yes eating these things is scary the world we live in now is scary place you can plant a garden thinking your food will be as safe as possible but it won't because airplanes and jets are leaving off chem trails manufactuers are even changing soy milk.

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  • So your telling me you have never ate anything bad in your life is that what your saying?

    • Yes of course, theirs many ways that you can loose weight tweaking your diet. I lost the weight years ago, but I started the paleo diet a year and a half ago. Even though I already lost the weight, I changed it once again and found out that it's not about loosing the weight, it's about feeling great, and in result of switching up my diet to the paleo diet, I lost a lot more weight that I was carrying when I ate grains and legumes. About 10 more lbs.

    • Did you loose weight after you started eating better?

    • It becomes really easy when you find the right motivation!

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  • I love my cookies, my chocolate and my chips. My body still looks great and I don't care about the fact that I will die 10-15 years before you. At least I will die happy.

    • Welll your lucky that you don't get fat from those cookies.

    • Yes

    • @ Winteredrose5162, awesome answer!

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  • Many people cannot afford Healthy food. That is the main reason people eat "crap" along with it tastes good. It tastes good to me! I go to McDonalds and a chicken sandwich is a dollar and the salads are expensive (Not that those salads are particularly healthy), do you understand what I'm saying? I'd love to eat healthier food, but my family just doesn't have the money. We have to buy processed food in bulk (Like Costco) because we don't have the money to always buy the healthy food. However, it's my body, I can eat whatever I want to eat. You are very judgmental... having concern for other people's health is one thing, having a *holier than thou* attitude is totally different, and honestly, not needed. Focus on eating YOUR healthy food for YOUR body instead of what other people are doing, you will be happier.

    • Good luck to you!

    • It sucks to be poor. :c I wanna be healthy and live long too, so I can only do what I can right now.

    • We shop at the dollar store for our food or cotsco for bulk. I can get 6 packs of top ramen for a dollar. (six meals) I can't wait for our house to be sold on a short sale so my dad can stop having to pay a second mortgage. I'm lucky enough to have a school laptop that I am able to use for this kind of "normal" I want to move out of the "ghetto" I want to be able to stop having to go to thrift stores and charities for all of my clothes. Food is not my tip priority, sorry you don't understand.

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  • I guess people are as lazy with their diets as you are with your grammar.

    • Gasp! How rude! I never understood why people like going anonymous and trolling like this. It's so inhumane, so atrocious... just outright despicable. You should be ashamed of yourself, Anon.

    • So!

  • well, I'm not trying to generalize or anything, but now a days, most people don't even know how to cook. they just order fast food everyday, and eat out of cans.

    also, some peope have eating disorders. and I'm not talking about anorexia. I'm talking about over-eating beause of feelings and emotions. eating every time they're sad, or depressed. it's their comfort. just like an alcoholic. the alcohol is their comfort.

    i used to have an eating problem like that. I sort of still do, I just control it better. I used to eat a 2 litres of icecream day, legit.

    pretty soon, the whole world is gonna be dying from obesity. it's pretty sad, actually.

    • You're just sugar adopted, you have to program yourself to be fat adopted.

  • i'm sorry but you clearly have no understanding of biology

    • Aspergers/Autism? :P

    • The catalyst stays in solid form. The heated oil does not interact with the structure of the catalyst. The catalyst does it's job and then moves onto the next batch of oil, but yes it is true that sometimes it leaves trace of the alloy behind. In the article I posted to this comment explains how this raises cholesterol levels to repair the body from these metals.

    • well a metal is used to hydrogenate oils. It's called an addition reaction which I studied in organic chemistry. There is no reason why the metal is sticking around though after the reaction. Only poor factory practice would keep traces of metal still in the oil. Otherwise it should be metal free. If the qa is saying all the hydrogenated oils still have traces of metal then he is unsupported in that assertion. Sorry if I insinuated you are stupid.

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  • It gets pretty expensive to only eat things that are "good" for you. That is why I do it. I know it is an unhealthy snack or dinner, but I just don't have to money to buy all healthy food. So I eat what I can afford in moderation.

    • Real food keeps you stuffed longer and keeps the doctors away, trust me, it's cheaper!

  • There are many factors to this. The commercials for junk food and culture are the two largest ones. Additionally people fail to connect the negative effects or they feel themselves immune to problems others get. I've heard many people say, "I'll eat it because I want to live my life." They pretty much think they live through food and choose not to mentally internalize what its doing to them until its too late. Also, we have learned a lot of how food effects us mentally, and food companies have learned to abuse it so people literally become addicted. People eat this way since they're very little. I think the blame falls on many shoulders but that doesn't give people an excuse.

    • Majority of this country knows about our corrupted government, it's on them to do the research!

  • I was raised in a home where my mom didn't buy meat from the store my daddy wouldn't let her! The only meat we ever ate was meat he killed his self! (sounds country I know) but growing up my sisters and I were never sick sure we got the common cold but that's it! My daddy has always said they put too many poisons in meat while they process it!

    • You're absolutely right! I try to buy my meat 100% grass fed, pasture raised, so my cattle can roam around and not absorb too many toxins. They live a happier life, without any added hormones or antibiotics. Same with my chicken. Fed flax seed, cage free on land free of pesticides, and they can eat all the bugs they want.

  • Eh, idk. Maybe it is bad for me but I don't really care. I have a huge sweet tooth and that's never going to change. I honestly don't care how the food makes me feel or what negative affects it has on me. If I were to die from either eating unhealthily or from smoking, I'd definitely choose death by food.

    • Do what you please, I just want to give some insight!

    • I know that, I learned about that in health last year. But it's my body and I can do whatever I want with it. I like to eat sweets instead of drink, do drugs, and party like most of the people I know at my school. I'm pretty sure just eating is the better option, plus it's not illegal...So if I want to eat healthily or unhealthily, then that's my decision and nobody can convince me to do otherwise except maybe a doctor.

    • The thing is information on health is completely misleading from the public, You could have all the intentions to eat healthy, but not knowing that what your eating is actually making you sick. Just because you were both misleaded with information, and lies to as well.

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  • For the same reasons they do everything that is ba for them, instant gratification without a second thought as to the consequences

    • When you learn about what food does to you on a molecular level, you know that some foods should not even be consumed once. Some people eat this stuff daily, and guess what? it alters your DNA!

  • Just like everything in life, Its someones personal preference

    • Each to their own

    • Someone personal preference justifies how intelligent they are.

  • Maybe your body just isn't built for that kind of stuff.

    • Your dumb, if you don't like the topic, don't answer it!

    • Wow. You are really annoying. People can eat whatever the hell they want. Get a life and stop butting into other people's.

    • Nobodies body is made for this stuff!

  • This is all clearly just your opinion. I think it is ridiculous to hold such high judgments about what OTHER people eat. Take care of yourself and other will do the same. And no, eating a cookie doesn't make me feel like sh*t nor does it make me a bad, unhealthy person. Loosen up.

    • Doesn't bother me. I stand by my answer and arguments.

    • Sorry for teaming up against you.

    • LOL!

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  • Cookies don't make me "feel like sh*t", haha!

    I'll eat a cookie because it tastes good - in my mouth, not my brain.

    If people don't go to the point of excess, then what's the big deal with eating a cookie once in a while? The key is balance, always.

    • talk about, and also, my professors from classes in this field wonder how I rarely show up for the classes and still ace all the tests.

    • The more natural you eat. This is a fact. The inflammation in your body the; more wear you put on it. It's just like a car, if you don't have a working radiator and fan, your engine over heats and falls apart. Now think about your body, your brain, your muscles, your arteries; they're all inflamed. Think about it, inflammations is the leading cause in cancer! This information came from tons of studies, that all been proven factual. I've been studying and experimenting for years, I live what I

    • calcium's, vitamin d, magnesium, phosphorus, and oh yeah the very little b vitamins. Fiber is the only thing that you consume that your body doesn't digest, so having too much fiber as grains and legumes both have just speeds up digestion scratching and rupturing your bowels because non digestible carbs is expanding your intestines. Now lets go back to what I first said about the omega 3/6 balance. That is the most important thing about nutrition. The more omega 3's that consist in your diet,

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  • Only poor mood if you fat. Good mode if skinny.

    • I guess today is your day!

    • Yay I made this girl laugh on another question! :D

    • Maybe your gifted!

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  • because I know my body and what I eat.

    • Lol it almost seems like trolling doesn't it Anon?

    • No

    • lolz is this a fake profile for mooshelle?

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  • Bad habits. Subliminal messaging. Etc...

  • I try not to eat so much junk but my diet is still poor mainly because of my parents, over the last 5 years I have tried to lose weight, only managed to lost 4 stone but... sadly I have put a stone and a half back on :(. My problem is though even if I cut out all crap including no coffee or tea, and completely cut chocolate and sugar out of my diet altogether I still take FOREVER to lose it. I really lack in vegetables and fruit though and would love to fix it but I don't have the money at all, I have a membership at DW Sports Club but I haven't been going, fell of it completely because I am so unmotivated and even with 2 hours exersise it takes 8 months just to lose a couple of stone, it's just put me off but I want to keep trying but I can only go like 2 or 3 days a week right now. What's worse is I can't even lose weight jsut by eating 2 pieces of toast :\ to even lose it all I can eat is probs a handful of cerial and that's it but I won't because I am still hungry. I have come to find though that grains are not entirely what they are made out to be though, generally YES! they satisfy your hungry for a bit longer but the downside is they don't digest quick enough ether for you to burn those calories :(, so I guess they are not so healthy for you at all unless you eat 3 hours before you workout, but generally grains just hold the weight on you.

    • He has his own bakery and is extremely talented, even if I do so. Its mostly novelty cakes and wedding cakes he does. As far as I know its got nothing to do with sweetener, but that might depend on the bakery, its the flour without the protein it doesn't really bind and is very difficult to roll.

    • I know tell me about it, it just tastes like cake made out of cheap sweetener (actually I think that's what it is) lol, oooh how good is he at it? I'm studying catering and I would love to be able to make really awesome cakes but our oven sucks big time, we have one of those cheap one temperature ones where we can only light one light at a time, cake is the only thing we can cook in it, cookies come out terrible lol.

    • My fiance is a baker/confectioner and although there are glued free products now, they're disgusting

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  • People try to rationalize their unhealthy eating habits for whatever reasons...

    But honestly, people have been eating that sh*t and it hasn't caused any alien babies or head explosions. It's all about moderation...

    • It's not a idea, its what is! Your only meant to eat natural food that comes naturally from this planet, that's exactly what we have been designed to consume! No man made products are healthy for you regardless of what you heard. You have self will to eat what you want, but don't think their won't be consequences!

    • ok, that doesn't mean your diet is realistic for everyone. While it is possible for people to eat healthy most of the time, most people can't eat healthy 100% of the time. And your idea of eating healthy may not be another persons

    • Oh, but I do. My cheat days consist of just a little more carbs, but from natural food from this planet. Like I love sweet potato fries boiled in olive oil. I eat a lot one day just because I crave the sugar, but I would go back to eating fats in bulk after that meal, maybe once week I do this. Either sweet potato fries, sweet plantains, or fried bananas. Or a day where I eat a little more fruit then I usually do, but I never cheat my diet! I take it seriously.

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  • ummm idc what my brain knows and my baby bringing me a cheese cake tomorrow...n ima eat it in your honor.

    no poor mood for me, makes me feel better if anything

    • i already am hehe

    • If that cake has any hydrogenated oils, then well see about that, watch you turn into a witch!

  • because I'm a f***ing adult... leave me and my cookies alone!

    • Is it okay if I rub them on my nipples instead? Or is that still toxic for my body :(

    • I'll take those cookies and rub it in all on your face!

  • You gotta eat. I try to avoid anything with bones or veins, artery's, gristle. It just gives me the willies, just talking about it makes me shiver.

    • yeah, same with me. The scales have to be off because they gross me out!

    • I love meat, I just have to disguise it. You know put it soups, ground it up, stews. Stuff like that. I also love fish, but it can't have a head or tail when I eat it.

    • Oh man, flesh should be bulk of your diet! That's something worth trying to get over.

  • After reading the responses below... I've come to realize that you are heavily against grains... well, what about counties that's main diet consist of grains? What about the people that can't afford the life style that you are so hard pressed about? I mean seriously they do fave to feed themselves and their children. I wonder if you grew up eating the things that you preach about? You say that you are one of the best dietitians, but in reality it is the mother's and father's that cook meals for their children that meet the criteria of a healthy meal that still taste good. They know they can't supply the best, but they do what they can and teach their children ways to maintain a balanced meal. It may not be that way in some places, but that is how it is in a lot of places.

    • Sorry Paleolithic era!

    • Yes you are right, unfortunately my parents are obese and have type 2 diabetes. If I would of followed them in their footsteps; I would end up the same way. No, it was a good friend years ago that introduced me to the paleo diet. It stands for the paleolithic are or hunter gatherer. He was telling me how different you will feel 3 months after eliminating all the garbage you ate to feel what I feel on a daily basis. It's worth it, I promise you that!

  • I pretty much eat what I like dude.

    • Why do you use exclamation marks so much?

    • I know, I must of misinterpreted what you said!

    • Just to let you know... I didn't say anything I said what I like.

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  • cause that's what they like I eat and most people overeat on junk food, fast food and TV dinners , its fine, health food tastes like crap and that's why people hate it. eat what you want and you will be fin.

  • interesting qa, inspires me to eat better.

  • I'm glad you've found a good diet for yourself that works well and makes you feel good, but dude, get the f*ck off of other people's asses. Once in a while some junk food is not gonna kill you, and it does make us feel good and there's little harm. In the end, we can work out, we can do whatever we want, and we can still be able to stay healthy. Honestly, you're like a Buddhist posting a question like "How is it possible for people not to believe in the power of Buddha?" Well, we have our reasons. Don't berate us just because you have a different opinion from the vast majority of people.

    • marksdailyapple.com, this is the best site for information. Their is a lot that you don't understand, I honestly think you have most of this health information backwards. This site can clear that up for you.

    • On a side note, if you're wondering why most people don't do the paleo diet, it's probably because it's really high maintenance. I might consider it though, for my sport. I'll have to research it more.

      And by the way, my point is that I could easily also say "I really do know what I'm talking about". So I don't know why you're saying stuff like that, cause it really means nothing.

    • Maybe running that much isn't good for you because it's bad for your joints, but the fact that he's able to run that much means he's in great shape. That's my point. Switch it with biking if you want. Say he's great on the spin bike. He's in great shape, and he doesn't need to be on the paleo diet to be in great shape.

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  • Who are you Peter Pan and lost boys, do you just eat imaginary food all day, since you ate an imaginary cookie.

    • Everything seems to be bad for your health these days. All this talk about cookies is making me hungry, I think I will enjoy a cookie with a glass of milk mmmmmm delicious.

    • I would rather eat a imaginary cookie, then a real cookie that is poisonous and hazard es to your health!

  • It may be because billions of dollars has been spent in making food that hits every instinctive craving humans have as cheaply and easily as possible.

    They (we) are to greater or lesser extents primed to crave it and addicted.

    • Dude no site will -always- give you the right info.

    • I know, Mostly all the information that is out there comes from conventional wisdom. It's good to find a source that comes with the facts, and breaks it down in detail for you to see how reality really is. Widen your perception. Here is a site that will always give you the right info, link Enjoy!

    • Knowledge doesn't change instincts.

      There's also a lot of bad advice out there.

      Look how many women try to eat like ... pasta without meat because theyre' dieting.

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  • Because it tastes good. You can go ahead and say what you want, but at the end of the day, we will most likely die within ten years of each other. If my morning cigarettes and coffee kill me ten years earlier than you, I'm cool with that. You will be stuck crapping into a bag those extra ten years. I will have lived my life the way I want and skip the extra years of misery.

    • Yup, any time probie.

    • Yeah your right, taking care of yourself is really stupid! I'm really happy you got the last laugh!

    • A stupid question gets a stupid answer.

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  • Well,you are exaggerating about the smoking 3 packs...eating isn't really addictive and won't cause cancer of emphysema to the same extent smoking will, trust me.

    But I get your point. In the long run poor eating habits will wreck your health.

    But our society is so fixated on instant gratification, whether it's food, sex, drugs, politics...our culture as a whole is really bad for most of us.

    • @martyfellow. Sorry! Kinda took over your post.

    • Eating the wrong foods in excess amounts could be potentially worst and faster, depending on the person.

    • Remember me, the original answerer? Wasn't my answer the best, now that yoi have been corrected? Y'know, about the emphysema?

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  • The brain thing doesn't work like that. The foods cause a chemical reaction, not the thought. You can't think of smoknig a ciggerette and be satisfied if you're addicted to them.

    • Yep, just eat real food.

    • Yes your right, but it can be a good chemical released or a bad one. Then their are some bad chemicals that are released from feeling horrible from what you just ate, and I'm taking about low quality energy. It is true that in most cases your brain does not know the difference between your thought and reality!

  • Leave me and my cookies alone!

    *gobble gobble*

    Pure heaven! Yes!

    • I second that motion X)

  • To be honest, most people really don't know how unhealthy some stuff is. They are also told a lot of things that aren't healthy for them are (or at least told that it's not really THAT bad)(for example, just because the box says organic, that doesn't mean those cookies are healthy).

    Than there are those that truly do not care.

    • I'm not angry or frustrated. I just don't get why you have to be such a pompous, self-important, know-it-all, prick to people because you blindly assume you know they're eating crap and not smart enough to know better when you don't even know what it is they eat simply because they said "I eat what I want."

    • ha ha you make me laugh dude. You get so frustrated and angry with a person with no bad intentions and your calling me childish!

    • Well, there's physically thick, which is...awesome ;)...and mentally thick, like our question asking friend here.

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