Does he like me??

I like this guy and he knows that I like him...and like a month ago or so he said to my best friend what if I like her as well.after that he tried talking to me but I always ignored him because I was scared to talk to him, and now when he sees me he says my name weirdly and smiles and waves and I say hi back and for example today he started saying my name and he was biting his lip and lifting his eyebrow...and I looked at him and gave him disgusted facial expression and then he was like what do you mean and I ignored him then my friend told me he just kept staring at me and after he asked to put his laptop away I did and he was like thanks________ I appreciate it&he recently he got a girlfriend

Hes kind of one of those players and that's why I acted a bit harsh towards him
Noo the facial expression thing happened today so he got a girlfriend like two weeks before this incident
I don't know if he seriuos about her because like his other close friends have girlfriends but they flirt with other girls and try to get with them and do the nasty


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  • Yes, he does.


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  • Well, to me it sounds like you liked him and he liked you and he gave up on you because of the "disgusted facial expressions" and "acting harsh towards him".

  • Who cares. He's taken and I don't know what you would like about a player anyway. Find someone you can connect with and not someone you like because they are cool or a player

  • If a guy knows that a girl likes him, he may feel an ego boost and try to act cooler then he really is (at your age group). If you ignore his advances with regards to talking to you, he's not going to continue to try to do so. I don't understand why women think that by ignoring us and creating a "chase" situation, works. It doesn't and you're going to end up missing out. You kinda seem like you're really important in your own mind and I'd want nothing to do with you. In the nicest way I am telling you to get over yourself.


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  • If he has a girlfriend this should tell you enough.